What The Hell Is The World Ends With You Supposed to Even Mean?

Eskimo Press: The World Ends With You is the title of a Square-Enix action rpg game released for the nintendo DS back in 2008. The title is not the only thing that is unique about this cult game, as nearly every aspect of The World Ends With You (abbreviated as TWEWY) is unique. It has incredible art, music, gameplay and overall style that is unlike any other game. This game has had a profound effect on me and many others who have played it. I will not talk much about gameplay here, as I wish to explain the title of the game and the message behind it. I will leave out a lot of details so that I can get to the juicy bits spoiler free! (mostly).

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rnmartinez1504d ago

Hahaha I love titles like this. Who knows what its supposed to mean (kind of like Bravely Default) but I guess that's part of the fun with gaming!

Enemy1504d ago

It's pretty clear. Maybe play the game again and actually pay attention to Neku's story?

coolman2291495d ago

How about

The world begins with you