One Year After its Release, Could OUYA be Looking for a Buyer?

Gamespresso- Indie console OUYA could be looking for a buyer only one year after its release, with 919 games currently on the console.

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rnmartinez1532d ago

Well it might be the right business move here; it really seems that (at least under the current management) that the OUYA has hit a plateau, and those HDMI android sticks look awfully tempting

Hanuman1532d ago

I'd use the name for future marketing and ditch everthing else.

monochromer1531d ago

One year after "it is release".

How do people identify as a journalist when they can't even get fundamental grammar correct?

ifrit_caress1531d ago

I never did like OUYA, so I don't care. I do hope Microsoft learns from this, always online consoles never last.

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The story is too old to be commented.