NBA 2K15 Outclasses NBA Live 15 In Trailer Comparison

EA Tiburon's work has clearly improved, but there is simply nothing their NBA Live 15 trailer does that NBA 2K15 does better.

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Kilo_Brown1557d ago

I personally cannot wait until 2K15 comes out! Only four players with 90 and above? Might be a interesting year.

badboyz091556d ago

EA needs more than a Trailer!

PR_FROM_OHIO1557d ago

No shit "Sherlock" NBA LIVE is dead EA needs to stop embarrassing itself already!!!

1mgb1556d ago

What we need from EA is NBA Street HD Collection.

Brim1557d ago

well 2k15 looks like 2k14 so idk... and that wasn't a compliment the gameplay for 2k14 was terrible only thing that kept me playing it was the park and the gameplay on that was terrible i just had to suck it up ... mostly because i brought it digitally but live looks different at least in terms of visuals and gameplay but ill wait for more to determine which one i will buy if any..

The_Blue1557d ago

EA no longer should have the NFL license as well.

badboyz091556d ago

I'm buying madden 15 used.

curtis921557d ago

Well like it or not, live 15 wins for most improved visuals. It actually looks like it belongs on next gen now finally. 2K15, at least visually, looks identical to 2k14.

nirwanda1556d ago

Trust me I own 2k14 on ps4 and the thing that struck the the most is the the black players looked almost real and the white players just looked wrong and out of place, just look at bird man now.

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