Comment: "Gamer"

Dealspwn writes: "No, this isn't an article about that lousy Gerard Butler flick. And I'm definitely not going to engage with the ongoing barrage of flashpoints and hashtags that have dominated certain corners of the internet lately.

Does that make me a coward? Yes, probably. But here's my excuse: right now the more vocal portions of the tubes seem to be taking 'sides' and drawing battle lines when there are actually a dozen complex and completely separate issues on the table. Some of which are specious, shortsighted and cruel tabloid paparazzi at its most shameless, whereas others are incredibly important and demand serious introspection. Untangling this sorry web will take time and understanding, and frankly, I'd rather write about videogames. Seeing as that's technically my job.

What I will write about, though, is the term "gamer," which has been a talking point for several years and is now back in the limelight. It's a term we use daily, but as the medium continues to evol...

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