Atomic Gamer reviews Don King Presents: Prizefighter

Jeff Buckland reports:

''It's been more than two years now since EA Sports' excellent boxing game Fight Night Round 3 was released on the Xbox 360, and ever since, boxing games have simply paled in comparison. All of a sudden, the anime-style Victorious Boxers, which got a new installment on the Wii last year, seemed silly. Showtime Boxing was just downright horrible, and Wii Boxing is fun but just doesn't have much depth. Rocky Balboa was dull and its controls left much to be desired, and past Rocky games were worse. So how does the world's latest boxing title from 2K Sports and ex-Rocky developers Venom Games fare?

Sadly, it doesn't do very well at all. The career mode starts you off with a very simple tutorial that doesn't teach enough about the different ways you can defend yourself, and only shows you the most basic of punches. Then it stuffs you into a match that, unless you're on the lowest difficulty, you'll likely lose right off the bat. I've got plenty of experience with boxing games, but on the normal difficulty, it took me five tries just to try and get used to Prizefighter's convoluted boxing system enough to squeak out a decision. The fighting starts off frustrating, as you can expect to be thrown way off balance by punches that don't really actually touch you while your own boxer seems to purposely try not to hit his opponent whenever the other guy leans a little. KO punches will connect with your wrist or forearm rather than your glove, and the signature punches supposedly can "change the course of a fight" but really just are annoying as hell and often will work more in the favor of the AI than the player.''

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