Destiny - Redeem Codes Activated

Gamer Headlines: Destiny is upon us and Bungie lets the public continue their overall excitement with an update that shows gamers their unlockable content from redeem codes.

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Hendrickson1557d ago

Cool, thanks for the codes

Kilo_Brown1557d ago

Anything for the people! Vote K.B.! J/k

DevilishSix1557d ago

I see no purpose or value in this code process for cards, haha people must have to much time on their hands or nothing better to do then mess around with that.

LordMaim1557d ago

Or look down on those who are interested in the game.

Specter2291557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

@Devilish Why did you need to comment exactly? Too much time on your hands or nothing better to do?

Edit: mispell & an identifier

DevilishSix1557d ago

Wasn't trying to offend anyone it just seems with the amount of cabbage thrown at this project and the five years development time, this card system is lame.

Specter2291557d ago

We dont know the purpose of the cards yet so collect em while you can till we find out they are useless.

tekken_god1557d ago

Some card actually give you in-game bonuses.

SonyMontana1557d ago

It's free, and people enjoy getting extra bonuses in games even if they are small. What's the problem? Don't care to participate, then don't.

Sevir1557d ago

Can it be Sept 9th already!? :(

Kilo_Brown1557d ago

Right there with you brotha!

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The story is too old to be commented.