Remedy Looking for Opportunities to Make Alan Wake 2

Speaking at Gamescom 2014, Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake told XBA that the studio is looking for opportunities to return to the nightmarish series, “when the time is right”.

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Artista 1505d ago

You'd make a lot fans happy. So long as we know it's a possibility.

Neonridr1505d ago

I would probably end up having to get an XB1.. Alan Wake is one of my favorite games from last gen.

christocolus1505d ago

Same here. really enjoyed that game. I'm guessing they will start working on AW2 as soon as QB is done.

on_line_forever1505d ago

the best 2 horror games in the last generation is is ALAN WAKE and DEAD SPACE 1 .

i really hope they do it so good like the first alan wake .

starchild1505d ago

Well, Remedy and the Alan Wake franchise have a lot of fans on PC. Hopefully they won't forsake us PC fans. I would love to see Alan Wake 2 come out and be able to play it on PC.

Neonridr1504d ago

me too.. would save me from buying an X1. But I could understand why MS would only want it on the consoles. Would force people to actually buy the thing.

creeping judas1505d ago

Also one of my favorites from last gen!

Bonkerz1505d ago

Dont worry im sure Microsoft will fund it :P And i hope they do, Alan wake honestly has such an amazing story, and is such a good game.

OpieWinston1505d ago

If only MS would just buy Remedy.

They'd be an epic studio to have. Bolster their work force and then have two teams running games like Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

Ausbo1505d ago

They might do that if quantum break is a success.

christocolus1505d ago


Certain affinity and Playground too. MS needs to grab these guys. Its nice to see them opening new studios though but these guys are already proven talents and they develop only on xbox.


MS will definitly fund it. In an interview with polygon late last year,sam lake said they didn't just want to create a sequel,he said the team at remedy needed to create a true sequel to AW,according to him,they were still coming up with great ideas&new concepts for a sequel and once they've come up with enough ideas they would probably start work on AW2.

combatcash1505d ago

It's a beautiful game. I completed it on 360 the purchased it on steam a while later. I don't have an xbox one, but I might be inclined to purchase one if they make this game.

BattleReach1505d ago

Pleaaase bring it to PS4 if it will come. Alan Wake is one of my favorite games of all time.

OpieWinston1505d ago

I disagree...MS needs to continue backing Remedy and pushing exclusives like Alan Wake/Quantum Break from them.
They get full funding for their projects and build a fanbase.

Each console NEEDS it's exclusives. Otherwise competition dies.

Besides... if MS got Remedy under their belt they'd be a serious contender with some of Sonys top studios like Naughty Dog.

GodGinrai1505d ago

They have a very strong relationship with MS. Remedy and MS would be a good fit though.


-Foxtrot1505d ago

If they really backed Remedy they would of let them do Alan Wake 2 straight away, instead they got told to do a new IP. I'm guessing because Alan Wake didn't sell very well, for them anyway.

christocolus1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )


I totally agree with you man. MS definitly needs to keep backing up these guys. They've got a very good relationship going with MS and with Phil Spencer there now i believe the relationship will only get stronger. I think we will see a sequel to Alan wake this gen and maybe it will even come bundled with a remastered version of the original. : )

on_line_forever1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

i hope they release it like the first one on PC .

those games looks awesome on it .

gangsta_red1504d ago


It has been said by Remedy themselves that they wanted to do a new IP and MS fully backed them on it.

They said when they have the right idea and time they will return to Alan Wake.

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