Microsoft Mocks Sony With "Destiny Fragrance"

Microsoft begins a mocking advert campaign for a Destiny Perfume as they apparently don't have permission to advertise for the upcoming first person shooter.

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Abash2598d ago

This isn't mocking, this is them saying they are grinding their teeth over Destiny being pushed for PS4

XB1_PS42598d ago

I think this is their effort to make a viral marketing campaign because they aren't allowed to advertise Destiny. I think it's a smart idea. It's pretty funny, and lighthearted.

xHeavYx2598d ago Show
joab7772598d ago

It's funny how it's fine that last gen every single advertisement had the 360 logo at the end.

MS just cannot afford to have anyone thinking that if they want to play Destiny, they need a PS4.

XB1_PS42598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )


"MS just cannot afford to have anyone thinking that if they want to play Destiny, they need a PS4."

That's exactly what it is, and I think there's nothing wrong with that. It's a creative solution to a huge problem for MS.

@Heavy No they don't, they're extremely humble about it. You mock MS with sales numbers.

@Below That's just the article title (for clicks), I don't see it as mocking at all.

frenchtoast2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

They shouldn't be mocking anyone really, hey are in no position to mock anyone. Bungie CHOSE to work with Sony on this over MS, MS had them under their thumb and they clearly hated it which is why they bought their freedom, MS should be ashamed of themselves if anything.

Also, it actually makes no sense.

SIX2598d ago

Heh heh heh....I think it's pretty clever.

donthate2598d ago

I think this is quite funny!

Also, it isn't mocking at all, and quite tastefully done in good spirits and can only benefit Bungie. There are people on Xbox One that does not own a PS4, that might want to play this.

Thanks for smelling that something was up!


Does this hurt you? Because you sound salty as hell!

mixolydian_id2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Pure hilarity.

I presume this is illegitimate but it's bloody pro :D

If deliberate... well it sounds like the XB team may be getting the hang of PR for the first time ever!

uptownsoul2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

It just seems like sour grapes from Microsoft. I mean correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Microsoft make this "Exclusive Marketing" advertising popular. I just wonder what Xbox fans would say if Sony started making "clever" end-around ads for CoD, AC:Unity, Madden, FIFA, etc. Those Xbox fans would probably call this evidence of Sony's "Deceptive Business Practices"

qwerty6762598d ago

@frenchtoast they wernt mocking anybody, that was just a term fabricated by the writer of the article for clickbait.

mhunterjr2598d ago

Grinding teeth? Looks to me like a lighthearted , cheeky viral ad... Lighten up!

marlinfan102598d ago

The comment section on this site makes my head hurt these days. You guys will literally find anything to complain about with MS, its crazy.

LordMaim2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

"MS just cannot afford to have anyone thinking that if they want to play Destiny, they need a PS4."

@XB1_PS4: Its a creative distraction to gloss over the whole exclusive content discussion.

@mhunterjr: It's a petulant jab, and a hypocritical one considering the number of multiplatform games that Microsoft pays to advertise with Xbox branding.

Flipflopp2598d ago

Seems like they can dish it out but can't take it. I swear, there are people that believe COD is an Xbox exclusive with as much advertising they do for it. How's that medicine taste MS?

tuglu_pati2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

ha! Clever

BTW way the add shows a Game offer of the Console + Destiny + MCC for £349.99. That is actually a good deal.

Kryptonite42O2598d ago

Haha I like it. It's pretty clever.

Dontworrybhappy2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

That's true, joab. I'm getting Destiny on X1, not my PS4. I don't only have to have a PS4 to play Destiny. Microsoft is correct.

darthv722598d ago

That's pretty funny. There is no "mocking" of anything. the writer should be ashamed of themselves for implying anything of the sort.

And when i would see adverts for multiplatform games that had the xbox logo at the tail end...i would also see the same adverts with the PS logo at the tail end. It's because it was a multiplatform game and advertising was done by both parties.

Sony must have paid a pretty penny to secure all the advertising rights to a multiplatform game. Their campaign is NOTHING like the COD adverts. At least those were done for both PS3 and 360 platforms.

gootimes2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Buy Microsoft's fragrance, it will have you smelling like a salt mine.

Microsoft DID have exclusive advertising for COD and has a similar deal that Sony has for the upcoming COD. But it wasn't just for COD, Fifa also, they had a bundle and advertising rights and notice that Sony didn't get all butt hurt over it or call foul.

I guess it is ok for MS to do though, when Sony does it they make a viral campaign to counter and act like it is such an awful thing...

XBLSkull2598d ago

I hope I get at least a sample of this with my preorder. Everyone knows bungie and Xbox are one and the same, PlayStation desperately needs this advertising campaign. Over a decade of halo has already done the job for Microsoft.

nveenio2598d ago

I don't think it's funny OR clever. It's just an ad for Destiny, whether they say it is or not.

Gazondaily2598d ago

Lol this is brilliant.

Some of you guys above, sheesh give it a rest.

mike_honcho2598d ago

@xblskull.. so by your logic, since ms and bungie are "one in the same", ms is basically releasing a game for ps4 that will sell better than xb1?

n1kki62598d ago

Or its just good fun.

Ju2598d ago

It's already gone. Didn't really take long.

How is this funny or clever? I want to see your comments if Sony would do this with every COD or FIFA MS advertising...

Giul_Xainx2598d ago

This.... Is the type of fan boy move only a fan boy would make. Looks like the xbox division has been burned by bungie

DonFreezer2597d ago

This isnn't mocking. This them reminding the world that Sony pays to too for advertisment.Here in Greece pretty much every multiplatform game is being advertised as a ps exclusive. And cut the slow news day and grinding teeth hypocrisy because if it was Sony you would scream about the greedy Microsoft paying for getting advertisment.

n4gusername2597d ago

Every year there are "The Big Game" SuperBowl ads. In the ads, they still can not say SuperBowl on a picture of a big bowl. I know MS has lawyers everywhere, but very close to crossing the line regardless of what you think of the ad.

awi59512597d ago


Microsoft didnt have to sell so what you are saying is a bunch of crap. Microsoft could have kept everything and made them start over like Respawn. So what you are saying makes no sense what so ever. Actually for microsoft to give them up and let them leave with the bungie name is pretty generous in this day and time.

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weekev152598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

This is amazing marketing...if only it wasnt from the company who invented the exclusive marketing policy.

Eau de salt much?

GarrusVakarian2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

"Eau de salt much?"

Hahaha, damn, you beat me to it. XD

I actually think this is a pretty funny, clever, light-hearted jab. A little ironic, though, I must admit. They are the masters of exclusive marketing campaigns and exclusivity deals.

Mr Pumblechook2598d ago

Microsoft seem to want us to forget they have been paying Activision for years for exactly the same sort of marketing deal with Call of Duty!

Maybe they wanted to artifically create a backlash against Sony's exclusive in the same way there was a backlash towards Microsoft for their Tomb Raider deal - but they are just making themselves look like desperate victims.

mixolydian_id2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Just a question... how are they exclusivity 'masters'?

If you say TR... I will shake my head ;)

Edit:/ Another reason this is so funny, is just how fast it'll blow up virally.
This 'click' article will surely attract everyone's interest... The best thing is it's untroll-able

Aceman182598d ago

Meh this still ain't stopping me from buying it on PS4 and playing with my friends

jrshankill2598d ago

Well, it has worked. More people are here talking about this ad campaign than the Sony campaign.

NeoGamer2322598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Sony did exclusive marketing long before XB came around.

They often shutout both Sega and Nintendo in marketing for games.

weekev152598d ago


Really i wasnt aware of that. Back when Sony was up against N64 and Dreamcast i would struggle to come up with a multiplatform title for them to outshoot them with. You got any examples?

Ju2598d ago

MS is grinding. I find _that_ funny. The masters of exclusive marketing (CoD) and pay offs (Tomb Raider, Titan Fall) lost one of the biggest games this year. Didn't see that coming, eh?

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Webbyy2598d ago

lol this is actually pretty funny folks. good job on their end

nX2598d ago

My definition of funny differs from this.

die_fiend2598d ago

This perfume smells like desperation

Mr Pumblechook2598d ago

"Destiny is actually an epic new first-person shooter, available on Xbox. Thing is, we didn’t have permission to run adverts for the game. So we didn’t."

I don't know why Microsoft are playing the victims considering the Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusive deal they did.

Actually I do, they are rattled about the public thinking Destiny is a PlayStation exclusive - and they are right to be worried. In the UK early tracking at GAME is showing it will be a whitewash.

The advert, if it wasn't so victim-ish, is kinda funny. But it will only be seen by the hardcore who have already made up their mind which version they are getting!

lelo2play2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Why are you complaining? Contrary to fanboy belief, Sony has been paying for 3rd party exclusives since the PS1.

Fanboys are so blind... Microsoft are no angels and neither are Sony.

mhunterjr2598d ago

They aren't playing victims... It's a joke, a lighthearted reminder that the game is also on Xbox. Why are people so extreme here?

MonsterChef2598d ago

When you state you "can't run the adverts" it is playing the victim card, anyways if I recall correctly Microsoft started this exclusive ad campaign thing with call of duty sure you got some adverts from the publisher displaying all the consoles it will come out on, but there were several adverts of multi Plat games with them ending in a green screen with a Xbox logo

gootimes2598d ago


You say Sony "paid" for third party exclusives on PS1, do you have proof of that?

It is my understanding many third party migrated to the platform because of the CD storage size.

shinrock2598d ago

M$ takes it first pop shot of the new gen and ps fans are all up in arms about it! M$ been showing some class this gen while sony has been taking shot at M$! But then again this is n4g so....

GiantEnemyCrab2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Um, This game is launching day and date with Sony but MS can't advertise it. This is something so low that even MS hasn't stooped this far.

And they are right, it smells. Specially considering how Xbox made Bungie. They would still be making crappy Mac games..

Gamble202598d ago

Sony didn't pay for third party exclusivity in the PS1 era. Anyone who says that has zero proof. They only believe that because a game was exclusive, it therefore had to have been bought off. For anyone who understands the context of the gaming industry in that era they would know that many factors led to those PS1 exclusives such as CD or Sony's sales advantage over the N64. In fact, although the PS1 was not very revolutionary in technology, the absolute prosperity of third party developers on PS1 was pretty much unheard of in a historical perspective. Sony's console sold more software and was easy to develop for. That's why they gained exclusives. Obviously, as the industry became more competitive (including Microsofts exclusive deals) and third parties became much more open to multi platform development, these things changed.

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3-4-52598d ago

Smart Marketing really.

Nothing too special, but a solid attempt.

Kribwalker2598d ago

Why is no one talking about that fantastic bundle. Console, destiny and master chief collection for £349. That's nuts

MeliMel2598d ago

Gtfo really? Is that bundle for NA as well or just Europe? Thats an awesome deal and i would def buy it. And just give mine to my nephew.

JeffGUNZ2598d ago

These gaming writers need to understand that Bungie isn't "favoring" Sony or anyone. It's a business and they go where the money is. Sony approached them and bungie agreed to do some exclusive content with them. Does this author not realize HALO was on Xbox and not playstation? It's all about money. I think Bungie getting Destiny at 1080p on Xbox goes to show they are treating every platform serious and will deliver a solid product on consoles.

lelo2play2598d ago

Try explaining that to Sony fanboys about Tomb Raider. It's business.

TheDrunkenJester2598d ago

I know, people keep saying it's because Bungie finally got out of Microsoft's strangle hold, but in reality their contract was up and Sony saw an opportunity to finally get a Bungie game (which will have a huge following because it's Bungie) and threw a lot of money at them for advertisement rights and exclusive content. It's as simple as that people, business, understand it.

Brix902598d ago


People would accept if it wasnt a sequel to game that was originally multiplatform. Destiny was a brand new Ip whole different situation.

harrisk9542598d ago

This actually is an advertisement for Destiny. I wonder how many Sony lawyers are looking at this right now. Wouldn't be surprised if it gets taken down.

MrBeatdown2598d ago

I'm more curious what Activision thinks. Undermining the business relationship between them and Sony doesn't exactly scream good business. That would be like Sony spilling the beans on PS4 versions of Tomb Raider or Titanfall.

Kingdomcome2472598d ago

I, wondered that as well. I, wonder if the fact that they actually produced some of this cologne makes a difference. So many loopholes in law. You can absolutely know what someone's intentions were in the court of law, but without being able to absolutely prove it, who knows. Anyone with a brain knows that they were advertising Destiny.

GiantEnemyCrab2598d ago

It's not even the same Beatdown. The game is launching day and date with the PS4 version and they can't advertise it. Unlike TR which is a timed exclusive and there will be no TR for PS4 at the time it releases.

MrBeatdown2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )


I'm not talking about the details of the release, whether something is a timed exclusive or not. That doesn't really make a difference here.

I'm talking about a first party company blatantly undermining a partner company's business, just because it doesn't favor them.

If Square Enix wanted Sony to stay quiet on a Tomb Raider PS4 release because of a deal with Microsoft, it would be a lousy move on Sony's part to go and undermine that by trying to exploiting some contractual loophole.

That's what Microsoft is doing here. Activision doesn't want Microsoft advertising Destiny because if Activision allows it, Sony isn't going to trust Activision to honor exclusivity deals in the future.

It's bad business to undermine a third party's business deals by exploiting legal loopholes, just because in one particular instance, it doesn't favor you.

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Blaze9292598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

you sony fans take things way too seriously. lighten up. Microsoft knows exactly what they're doing.

More people are now talking about the Xbox Destiny promo then the Sony promo (whatever that may be) - mission accomplished.

geddesmond2598d ago

I wonder how MS would have reacted if Sony did something similar for all the games they have exclusive advertising deals with. Probably react with a lawsuit.

Reddzfoxx2598d ago

I think its funny Microsoft only did it for the trollololololz. And the fanboi's are getting sweaty over it.

People make a mountain out of a molehill.

aquamala2598d ago

how are people not seeing the humor in this? stop with the console war for a second, have a laugh, it's funny!

frostypants2598d ago

What they're doing is illegal, given that their intention is clearly to market the game.

Xb1ps42598d ago


What's up bro! Great name...

aLiEnViSiToR2597d ago (Edited 2597d ago )

lol most comments about this are like this meme xD

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Mikelarry2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Ahh microsoft same could be said for how they market COD like they developed it or how they are gonna market the hell out of tomb raider rises.then when sony retaliates you will see the MS apologist saying sony always picking poor MS booohooo