PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Gets Four 1080p Screenshots, Mercedes-AMG GT Free DLC and Contest to Win PS4

Mercedes-Benz sent in a press release today announcing that the German car manufacturer and Sony Computer Entertainment will collaborate in a series of activities to celebrate the launch of the PS4 racing game Driveclub and the debut of the Mercedes-AMG GT, which will feature exclusively in the game.

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PeaSFor1507d ago

man i cant wait for DC, and hopefully Evolution will start(if its not already started)to work on a new Motorstorm after the release.

Yi-Long1507d ago

The game looks promising, but I'm afraid it will turn into yet another DLC-milk fest, considering how few cars are included in the game.

Abriael1507d ago

It's funny that nowadays 50 cars are considered "few."

Makes me laugh every time I hear it.

Good-Smurf1507d ago

Yeah,I remember Rage Racer had less than 20 cars and looked how good that game was for PS1!
Turned out to be one of the best arcade racer for Playstation!

Fishy Fingers1507d ago

Ah it's fine for DC. But I remember Forza getting laughed at for 'only having 200' back in the GT5 has 1000 cars days!

Still, foolishness aside, in any driving game I rarely have more than 10-20 cars so if it's 50 good options. That should be plenty to begin with.

amiga-man1507d ago

True Good-Smurf, Evolutions Motorstorm had a small selection of vehicles but it was one of my most played games on the PS3, in fact my mate played Motorstorm and went and bought a PS3 because of it lol.

Yi-Long1507d ago

Oh, don't get me wrong, 50-60 cars is more than enough for me as well in most cases, as long as those are fun to drive.

I have often stated that I'd much rather see many more different locations in a game, instead of more cars.

However, in this day and age, 50-60 cars is quite a bit on the low side, and the news that the game won't have any Japanese cars in it, is very disappointing, and makes me think they'll certainly add a bunch of car-packs after release through DLC.

Also, only 5 different locations in this game is a cause of concern for me.

GTgamer1507d ago

My favorite racing game of the last generation were MidnightClubLA/SplitSecond and motorstorm2 and all those racing games had less than 50 cars so if Driveclub is a good racer I'll be good because the amount of cars doesn't determine how good a racing game is.

bouzebbal1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

RR Type 4 had 320 cars.
my favorite racing game is WipEout.. we all know how many ships there are in it....
DriveClub will be mine no matter what! 50 cars or 5 doesn't matter cause the game isnt built around that!

MasterCornholio1507d ago

I don't mind if its only 50 cars as long as those cars are high performance vehicles that are rendered with an incredible level of detail.

Oh wait thats what Driveclub is....

Anyways I'm happy that there's a demo for it because I'm not to fond of racers.

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Good-Smurf1507d ago

You have a problem with freebie now?!

AndrewLB1507d ago

The free version gives you 10 cars, 11 tracks, and one location (india).

XtraTrstrL1507d ago

Whether I buy it or not, I'll have fun with the PS+ version. I'm not even a big racing game fan, anymore atleast - but I'll be all over that photo/free camera mode. I'll just be pausing the game nonstop and floating all around the background and into the clouds, getting lost in the amazing level of detail.

It's the same reason I bought Infamous, I knew I would find it just alright as a sandbox super-hero game, but I'm a techie that loves just awing at the visuals. So, when they added photo-mode to that game it really made my purchase worth it. I just run around the city using powers and going into photo-mode to zoom all around and view it from all sorts of angles and distances.

amiga-man1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

A graphical feast that for me will make the game far more real and believable, If Evolution Studios delivers the gameplay of motorstorm with those stunning graphics, I'll be a very happy racer indeed.

TruthInsider 1507d ago

B, B, But the Xbots told me it has been downgraded like Forza 5?

Abriael1507d ago

Having tried it extensively at Gamescom I can easily say that no, it hasn't.

I'm gonna play it again at TGS if it'll be there (and it will probably be), and I'm quite positive I'll come back saying the same thing.

AndrewLB1507d ago

Have you looked at actual screenshots from the beta as opposed to "photomode" shots or ones ran through photoshop??

Ooohhh.... look at the jaggies!

Reminds me of The Order...

I wonder what it's going to take for people to stop making excuses and get angry at those who've been lying to consumers.

SoapShoes1506d ago

You're trying too hard...

DigitalRaptor1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

God you're desperate.

Listen troll… just because Microsoft got caught out lying to their consumers and not telling them about the Forza 5 downgrade before it hit store shelves for consumers to find out for themselves, doesn't mean you have to grasp straws to try and find downgrades on Sony's machine where they don't exist.

How about you download the direct feed BETA videos rather than rely on compressed gameplay screens VS. "photoshopped" gameplay screens.!zx8x3T...

Oh wait… you actually want there to be "controversy" regarding PS4 exclusives, so you can spin your agenda whichever direction you think will land. Pathetic.

Re: The Order.

Yet again… more lies from the people trying to expose the lies. Ironic.

Download the latest gameplay trailer…

cruzngta1507d ago

Best looking racer ever. Period. Good job Polyphony and Sony. Hope it sells well and is a success now give us a new Motorstorm please :0)

Abriael1507d ago


I think you traveled ahead in time by a couple years. How does GT7 look? :P

Psygnosis3331507d ago

I came from the future,it looks bad ass,2350 cars:P And gamers all around the world complains why they recycled some ps3 cars

amiga-man1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Polyphony? I think you mean Evolution Studios dude.

But agreed the graphics are incredible.

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