Black Desert Is The Most Beautiful MMORPG, New Screenshots Show Incredible Visuals

DSOGaming writes: "Pearl Abyss has released a new set of screenshots for its upcoming MMORPG, Black Desert. Black Desert is the most beautiful and visually detailed MMORPG we’ve ever seen."

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NovusTerminus1503d ago

I really really want to play this game!

XtraTrstrL1503d ago

Hmm, the visuals seem inconsistent, even on a single character basis. Parts look really nice, while others look bleh. For instance, the chick there looks really nice in the face and clothes, but her hands and the potions look like total crap. I was expecting something more on the level of those spectacular Skyrim mods. For an MMORPG, yeah, it definitely beats out most on the market though.

3-4-51503d ago

I noticed that too as well.

* Some things look amazing, and others not so much.

Even the female character fighting that bird thing......Her legs look like PS2 era game, but the rest looks next gen KIND of.

Looks interesting though.

aerisbueller1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I like how buildings and people are randomly 800x shinier than they should be. If that's supposed to be wetness, it's not very well done. I also like how they had access to modern makeup, which is one of the most annoying things whenever a 'beautiful amazing mindblowing skyrim mod' article, where every female character has her face made up like a stripper.

All in all it just looks like a last gen game with mods, and if they mean current gen single player rpg visuals, these graphics neither rival nor surpass Witcher 3.

PS: Nice N64 quality texture on the bottom left there:

Artista 1503d ago

It's actually impressive for an MMO.