Gameplanet reviews Boom Blox

Gameplanet reports:

''While Boom Blox does indeed feature many levels involving Jenga-style play, it is merely one aspect of the game's many facets. Other levels require you to destroy blocks by throwing a virtual ball, set off a chain reaction similar to dominoes, or even test your speed and accuracy in timed 'shooting gallery' challenges. Whatever your style of play may be, there's something in this action puzzler to suit everybody.

Controls are simple to operate and intuitively arranged, with the various actions such as grabbing, throwing and releasing all assigned to the A button on the Wii remote. The game detects your angles, timing and velocity with surprising accuracy, and the physics are extremely realistic with regards to how the blocks behave when struck, pulled or blown sky high. You can also manipulate the camera with the B button to determine how best to approach each level, and to get the best angle for your shots. We did experience some annoying cursor freeze when waving the remote around a little too enthusiastically; however this was user induced, rather than a problem with the game itself.''

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