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ArabicGamers writes:

I was a huge fan of the first Forza Horizon. I loved the open world, the beautiful setting of Colorado and the music festival setting, which had me addicted to some obscure techno music for a couple of weeks. Having had the chance to play the sequel on the Xbox One it looks like things are much the same, and that happens to be a very good thing.

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FlunkinMonkey1506d ago

I think Horizon 2 will have a lot more content than Drive Club.. I also rather enjoy the driving mechanics of Forza generally..

Drive club has a lot to prove but I have faith in Evolution Studio's.

pierce1506d ago

The chance to take these cars off the track and onto fields/cobbled streets has me more excited than what Drive Club can do.

FlunkinMonkey1506d ago

Yea i personally think Forza Horizon 2 will be better (gameplay wise) to Drive Club. None the less, Drive Club will be a great first entry for the new IP and will look mighty fine.

3-4-51505d ago

I'm excited to find random cars in the old barns across the landscape.

* I think the fun will be in finding the new "good" places to race against people.

thetamer1506d ago

Forza 2 is going to rock this world. Cant' wait.

qwerty6761506d ago

im really wondering why other racing games haven't implemented a feature similar to drivatar.

seems like that feature should be in every racing game now, no one wants to race against boring ai that behave like robots.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1506d ago

Sony dont yet have the infrastructure for cloud compute, that's what now sets Forza apart.

thejigisup1506d ago

The cloud is bullsh*t is been around for a real long time. Cloud computing had also been around for a long time. So no, that's not what sets forza apart.

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USMC_POLICE1505d ago

Your a moron Sony said they could do the same.

Dewitt1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

Sony has nowhere near the datafarms that MS has. Thunderhead is a huge division dedicated to XB1 for just cloud related activity. Sony would have to partner with Amazon or Google to have anywhere near the infrastructure to support compute. Gaikai and Rackspace are both for game streaming btw.

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radler1506d ago

Drivatars have been in Forza since the first game back in 2005. They just made a big deal about them with Forza 5 because they were trying to pretend that the power of the cloud would somehow compensate for weak hardware. Back on the original Xbox you swapped drivatars with friends via memory card. Then in Forza 2 etc. you still trained them to drive the way you do, and you could hire them to do races for you.

There's absolutely nothing stopping other developers from doing the same thing, they just place developmental priorities elsewhere. Personally I consider SSX to have the best use of social aspects in singleplayer so far, but that's only half a racing game.

You don't need the cloud to do this stuff though, a standard internet connection would work for uploading/download the little datasets that dictate how AI drivers behave on behalf of the player they represent (think something like aggressiveness on a scale of 1 to 10 for example, and repeat for other qualities, likely stored in tiny files that are shared around).

Most developers/publishers only care about making their games look as pretty as possible though, since that's what they can show in advertisements. AI has long been a neglected aspect of AAA game design, which is why so many games have awful AI. Having said that though, it's also incredibly hard to do good AI in the first place, probably one of the hardest aspects of game design. Even Forza's drivatars have a lot of problems themselves (plenty of people dislike how ram-happy they are, for example) and it's likely we'll never truly see great AI until we've had photorealistic graphics for a while.

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zsquaresoff1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

As someone who's not really into racing games, drive clubs the one I'm going with.

Not only does it looks great, it's free to play for ps+ subscribers.

Play before you pay.

qwerty6761506d ago

well if you just own a ps4 its not like you have a choice lol, if you want an exclusive racing game.

zsquaresoff1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

And why would I just buy an exclusive game and not a third party game?

Like I said, not into driving games, so I won't buy any.

Drive club is free, I can play, buy if I like it.

I know we aren't going to get the full game but I think it will have 2-4 maps for us to drive around.

Which for me is good enough seeing that I'm getting it for free.

pierce1506d ago

Good point, but you're still going to have to pay money to unlock the same amount of content as Forza Horizon 2 is offering.

ShowGun9011506d ago, seriously, he isn't trying to compare the two at all, hes just saying free is good.

Lawboy21506d ago

There is a demo of forza horizon 2 on sept 16...just like driveclub ps+ version???which is a demo

traumadisaster1506d ago

Pre ordered cause my experience was exactly like the authors, favorite racer ever. I would explore for the hidden cars in the barns.

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