Playboy's Jo Garcia vs Wii Fit Girl

The war of the Wii Fit Girls has reached a new level. Its playing out between the original Wii Fit Girl and Playboy's Jo Garcia, the Cyber Girl of the Year for 2008. Woah. These girls are getting down and dirty in this fight.

Everybody has seen the Wii Fit Girl video by now. The video went viral and 3 million viewers were hitting that …. Well, you could have predicted that Playboy's Jo Garcia wasn't going to let that go without a challenge. She's the Cyber Girl of the Year for 2008, after all. She's got a reputation to maintain. So she did her own Wii Fit video. just put a screen shot of it up because she gets a little overheated in the video and takes her top off. She's got her back to the video, but its probably still NSFW.

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Silogon3828d ago

totally absurd, but 1 thing is for sure. The ugly, red headed, flat assed, nappy looking, gnarly gnome we seen on youtube ain't got **** on this girl.

That 1st girl looked like she should be peeling potatoes in a truck stop somewhere.

kosha3828d ago

I quarrentee the wii fit girl is fitter than your girlfriend if you have one

pumpkinpunker3828d ago

yeah i saw the first video of that wii fit girl and i was like wtf what is the big deal.... her ass is flat and thats all you see....mmmkay, i've forgotten better looking girl's names in the morning. next!

Muzzle Flash3828d ago

I promise you you've got horrible taste in girls then.That ugly as pasty flat nerdy female dog on the wii video on youtube was so freakin ugly, I looked in the mirror many of times and I swear to god I have more as than her, people that ugly don't deserve to be on camera, this girl has no as but her face makes her acceptable, that ugly nerd on the wii fit could pass by as a pre schooler, I mean, I've seen 6th grade girls in middle school with more body and face than her...did her parents cut a piece of a used trash bag when they did it and had her?She's so hideous...I mean, GOD, she's so ugly and flat, so freakin ugly, THIS model deserves those 3 million views, not that ugly piece of crap...

And Siligon I'm glad to see there's someone else with good taste and sense on this site...

kosha3828d ago

Your all talk. You think youve got with fitter gilrs and yet you spend your time on video game sites

Muzzle Flash3827d ago

loll, for some reason I went off earlier but I'm in a normal mellow mood right now, and I'll stand by what I said, she's hideous, flat, and anorexic, I bet the wii fit board ways more than she does...I just don't know how someone so ugly gets so much publicity, and then you've got people saying she's cute?What kind of fuga brain logic is that?She's so fuegian ugly, but anyway, I'm sorry to lash at you, I have no idea why I did that earlier, but, I'm just gonna stop bashing you guys, but what I say I still stand by, she's ugly, flat, and anorexic, I know nobodies perfect, but I didn't know someone could be so ugly, it's disgusting, that's just my take on it though, I'm sorry if I offend anyone about this, but damn, so freakign ugly *The wii girl NOT the playboy girl*

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3827d ago

That Video has given my Right-arm a good work-out!!! ;-D
(SORRY!) ;)

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Syko3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I love how these stories heat up like the sun, but never get more than around 10-30 comments. lol

Anyways, This video looks incredibly forced and since she is supposed to be a huge "Girl Gamer" from Playboy(Their "Cyber Girl of the Year")...I have to call BS that she plays more than a few times a year or something.

kosha3828d ago

Ye i noticed that aswell. These kind of stories barley get any comments because no one knows what to say

BrotherNick3828d ago

The story just swells up.

JsonHenry3828d ago

The Wii Fit girl has a better body. Although I think the Playboy model has a prettier face.

But the Wii Fit girl gets my vote as the better of the two. She is all natural.

barom3828d ago

Playboy girl is prettier but WiiFit girl has nice fluid movements.

If only someone could combine them.

jadenkorri3828d ago

this is to get the girls in our lives playing, on top of that wearing something like that and exercising, personally myself, if she was my gf, i would a been on her in a heartbeat after dancing like that... On Jo Garcia, ive never seen her play a console, she says she does, but never have, i bet she don't even have a live/psn account... and seriously if your looking at a girl on the internet, whats it gonna matter if she plays games or not, you will still never be with her so keep dreaming the dream...

ThanatosDMC3828d ago

Cute face... but Wii Fit girl has a better ass. Jo whatever has none. Her chest even got an "add-on".

SlyGuy3828d ago

the thief of asses?

I am not gonna buy my gf one of these things after seeing the damage it may do.

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GiantEnemyCrab3828d ago

Competition is good! We gamers win!

Woot! Woot!

LuvBurger3828d ago

Who the hell disagreed with you????

xhairs3828d ago

We didn't win because I didn't see boobs!!

No I'm kidding I didn't disagree with him.

pumpkinpunker3828d ago

probably a sony fanboy because the article is about the Wii!

jadenkorri3828d ago

yes and sony fanboys disagree on everything non sony related...right... your comment shows who you really are a fanboy of....don't bring fanboys here keep it in the open

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NMC20073828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

I think the reason these stories don't get comments is because like me, gamers really don't give a crap about some chick on a Wii-Fit balance board, I mean so what? I have access to a world of porn that is the internet so the sexy factor is minimum to me, so what other factor is there? I mean sure some find this assless chick to be hot and find that she is playing Wii-Fit to be sexy or entertaining, and while I don't speak for other gamers but only myself, I am almost sure the reason for no comments is because the story is useless and pointless, I mean who cares if she plays Wii-Fit?

If she wants to inpress me in her underwear tell her to play the guitar while hanging upside down over a shark tank or tell her to beat Ninja Gaiden 2 on Path of the Mentor in her underwear without swearing or shutting off the game in a fit of anger and I will be impressed and am almost sure this would have more comments, thing is this was done already and it was done way better and the chick had more sex appeal because she wasn't intentionally trying to be a hot chick playing Wii-Fit, this is the start of a terrible fad IMO.

*shrugs* sorry for my less than stellar opinion on this folks but I hate fads and this is indeed the beginning of a bad one.

Edit: I didn't notice this was a damn vs video, that makes it even worse. lol.

Syko3828d ago

LOL, I agree with you 100% but for all the people that feel that way, the story heating up like the Sun tells a different story...And in fairness it's not just the Wii Fit stories it the "Hot Female" stories in general. People wanna look but they don't want to leave any trace of checking it out. =)

Just figured since the Playboy "Cyber Girl of the Year" was a story, and the Wii Fit girl was a story that people would be interested in the Playboy V. Wii Fit Chick story...

xhairs3828d ago (Edited 3828d ago )

But dude...

She's playing the Wii with her top off. You don't see that all over the internet. And if you do...prove it by posting a link and a warning!

r3xmund13828d ago

@NMC2007 you said it dude....

That Jo Garcia looks like she's been forced at gun point! Plus she moves her entire body, the WiFit Girl jus rolls that ass around like she's churning butter... And really I would be impressed with Jo playing the Drums for 'Blackened' on Expert on the 'ol RB....

Or maybe play GTAIV without stealing a car from a bystander ;P


xhairs3827d ago

pffft...that's not all over the internet, that's 2 videos compared to the teragigamegabytes of porn all over the place NOT featuring video games. And I don't exactly call those videos porn either, more like funny / NSFW videos.

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