7 Days to Die Alpha Patch 9.2 has arrived with another new biome, and lots more.

That’s right survivalist 7 Days to die is back with another patch update and just like they promised The Fun Pimps are always had at work trying to make the best Zombie survival game out there. This patch is loaded with lots of good stuff like 7th day zombie feral attacks, new zombie biome spawning system, new grass land biome, and even a new large hotel location. There were also a hand full of useful bug fixes and a few minor changes to again help improve the game. Also in other news 7 Days to Die hit the half million players mark this week. That’s awesome considering all the competition for this market out there today.

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JoeIsMad1530d ago

Beautiful work here, and after playing H1Z1, I'm about ready to pick up this game instead. At least it doesn't feel like a DayZ clone.

Stevefantisy1530d ago

I completely agree with you on this I was very excited to give H1Z1 a try but after playing it I was very unsatisfied its a good thing it will be free to play well as free as SOE will let it be anyway.

Jacktrauma1530d ago

Very nice indeed! Good to see its getting attention! ^^v

Zichu1530d ago

A lot of these early access, like DayZ, Rust, Space Engineers, The Forest and 7 Days to Die look pretty awesome.

I have only played Rust, Space Engineers and The Forest. Great ideas and mechanics, but they're the kind of games to stop and start just due to the lack of content available.

I wouldn't have even considered to play any of these games if it weren't for LPer's like Achievement Hunter, UberHaxorNova or ImmortalHD.

I definitely would like to play this just due to how deep the crafting and building system looks. Is it worth the £19?

Stevefantisy1530d ago

I've been playing the game since patch 4 and it continues to improve with every update. The deep crafting system and ability to build almost anything is what drew me into 7DtD. I know the price is a little steep but as they are keeping up with what they promise it makes it worth every penny. I can say this it goes on sale every so often so you could wait a bit or if you have a friend to go in on it with you a 2 pack lowers the price as well.

Zichu1530d ago

Well me and my brother played Rust for quite a bit, so the 2 pack does seem like a good idea to be honest. Just have to see if he is willing to play it.

Stevefantisy1530d ago

Playing this game with friends does add quite a bit to the game. I mean there are plenty of free servers to join but if your not into the PvP aspect of the game you will need to look for the right server. I myself don't like getting killed by other players so I tend to stick with my friends and we do our best to survive. I also have a solo game because I like to see how long I can survive with this new patch and how they have changed the zombie's a bit I really excited to see how well I hold up.

Saryk1530d ago

Let me state this, when I first bought this game, I really thought it was OK, nothing great. But now, i can't seem to leave it for a large amount of time!

Stevefantisy1530d ago

Yeah I agree in the early stages of the game it was like Minecraft if you didn't get sucked in on a project you were just wondering around. To make it worse every world was the same map too. Now that the random world generation is here its stupendous. I find myself thinking about the game at work now wondering what new areas am I going to find on my new map.

Lon3wolf1530d ago

7 days deserves all the sales it gets, they have done nothing but engage with backers/early access buyers and keep constant updates coming.

I must get back into this again, I believe your saves don't get wiped any more with updates too?

Stevefantisy1530d ago

No they don't get wiped but they might not work with the newer builds. Good news is if your not ready to move forward to the next build you can hang back until you are ready.