Final Fantasy Director Hajime Tabata on Type-0, Final Fantasy 15, and More

GameSpot spoke to Hajime Tabata recently when the Final Fantasy director was in Seattle during PAX. During their discussion, Tabata shared his thoughts on not only Type-0, but also Final Fantasy XV, and how outspoken fans can have a meaningful impact on publishers.

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Mrmalvern1530d ago

"The build that you’re seeing right now is about about 70-80% in terms of the quality that you’ll be seeing." and with SE's track record, I would assume that the remaining 20-30% will take years to finish..

elninels1530d ago

Great joke. It's so original.

Chard1530d ago

I get a little crazy every time I see FFXV mentioned in a headline.

levian1530d ago

Yea same. There's a scary one over on Kotaku talking about how if XV flops, we may be seeing a dry spell of JRPGs for a while. Hope to hell that doesn't happen. I'd buy two copies of Type-0 and XV if I knew it would help

Bluebird81530d ago

No xv before type-o, the wait continues.

Agent_hitman1530d ago

I guess we'll have to wait another 10 years before the next FF XV trailer.. That's good to hear SE, good job for sh!tting with your fans over and over again.. :p

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