Screencheat Video Preview - Cheating Has Never Been This Fun (TheKoalition)

Callum May at The Koalition writes: A few months back, I had the opportunity to go to AVCon 2014, a small video game and anime convention here in Adelaide, Australia. People come from all over the country to get together and just have fun playing video games either competitively or casually. This isn’t a country of video game publishers, developers or really any active game industry to speak of. When you Google “Australian games”, the first result will be a list of banned games in Australia. However, that’s where indie development takes its stand and conventions like AVCon give developers the opportunity to showcase these titles that stand as great examples of Australian indie development. One such game is Screencheat.

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garrettglass1506d ago

Wait, so for once you need to actually look at the screen? If that's the case, I think I'll immediately play at an expert level then.

rbailey1506d ago

Awesome preview of a game I'm definitely intrigued by. Perhaps I'll try it out one day.