Xbox One to Launch in 29 New Markets: Why It Matters

Until now, the Xbox One has been available in a fraction as many markets as Sony's PlayStation 4.

Today, Microsoft’s Xbox One lives in 13 markets worldwide, whereas you can officially buy Sony’s PlayStation 4 in 72.

That’s neither as vast a difference as simple subtraction makes it look, nor one as trivial as some seem to believe. It’s also a divide that’s about to get significantly smaller for the first time since the Xbox One debuted a little over nine months ago.

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AngelicIceDiamond1508d ago

Of course releasing your console in more markets matter. Why wouldn't it matter?

llxKonanxll1508d ago

It wouldn't matter if one of those markets don't care for the console. Looking at you Japan.

AngelicIceDiamond1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Lol you're right about Japan.

Dlacy13g1508d ago

Th en again, even if they only ever sold 100,000 units lifetime for the X1 In Japan..its 100,000 more than they could have not releasing there.

slasaru011508d ago

Number of xbox 360 in Japan is three times as big as ps4.

Eonjay1508d ago


This is true, but an argument I see popping up alot asks if the money could have been better invested. If they sell 100k units by giving away free stuff, they don't actually profit. Plus 100k is a rounding error for the Xbox 360.

bouzebbal1508d ago

i will say it matters when it makes sense.. i think selling xbox one in japan doesn't make sense and will only make them lose even more money not only due to terrible sales but spending money to secure exclusives wouldn't help this time. we all know the experience from 360 in japan which secured some pretty nice exclusives for some months and they ended up most of them on PS3 with enhanced versions.

bouzebbal1508d ago

in theory yes, but when you add the ressources they put into that (marketing, exclusives...) they will be losing money in the end,

Kayant1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Well apparently it doesn't really matter much to MS apart from china and japan. As in terms of localization of content that is.

"We have heard nothing about anything. Inquiries from distributors on available quantities or promotion also came to nothing. I would so buy a few hundred launch consoles, however, I have no guarantee that I will actually get them. Therefore, we have pre-orders for Xbox One closed, purely because I do not know if I can provide them. Meanwhile, we continue to import happy, then at least we know that we have delivered. "Consoles Dragan Blom, owner of Foregames in Breda and Tilburg adds. "It remains eerily quiet around the launch. Microsoft throws us a bit in the deep. Should the stores are not dressed? Why are there no commercials on TV to create a little question I would almost think that they themselves do not really believe in it anymore. " Wesley de Jong, owner of Game Shock in Gorinchem says that the demand for Xbox One remains in his shop. "There is no real Xbox One-hype been. Nor around the original launch date. It's a strange situation, after the announcement of the PS4, I was flooded with consumer applications, but the Xbox One that was not the case. We also do not really pre-orders for this launch, the console is finally all in the store. "

That is Netherlands launch.

IF you want more anecdotal evidence look here -

OT - The only market with big sales potential is since China although like many other of these countries XB1 is launching in they have been importing since launch that's not limited to XB1 and applies to other consoles. There is also the fact that it's a PC/mobile dominated country with high piracy.


So? And the X360 has been in japan since December 10 2005 but has only sold 1,647,284 units while the PS4 already has 678,185 units with barely any Japanese content and with only 5 months on the market has gotten almost half of the units it did in 9 YEARS!!!. Just to note X360 sold 86 units in Japan this week whilst the PS4 sold 6,502 units.

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avengers19781508d ago

If MS makes more money then they spend on releasing in each of those countries then yes it matters, if they lose money then no it doesn't matter.

If MS thinks that is going to help them out sell PS4 world wide then they are in for a rude awakening

Lucreto1508d ago

It will help in the sales department alright but to what extent.

If you are in one of these countries getting the Xbox today if you really really wanted it you would have imported from Germany or Amazon UK or drove to country that already had it since all the launch countries used the Euro. I know lots of people who did that and some shops had them since launch back in November even though they officially launched until now.

jackanderson19851508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

well if you say the X1 would sell 500 extra consoles a week per those new countries, had they released on launch day that'd be an extra 610k sales which isn't too bad really (or an extra 244mil in sales revenue from consoles alone using the 400 as a the base price)

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Artista 1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Just like Tesco

Every little helps :D

Eonjay1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

The article raises an interesting question because Phil Spencer has said on NUMEROUS occasions that his intent is to win. So, the question become whether or not the 29 additional markets can help him meet his goal.

Japan is critical because it is the largest gaming market of their "Tier 2" markets. No other single market has more potential gamers except for China. And China is the definition of Wildcard. No one knows what is going to happen there. Will they embrace the Xbox One, or will it be a repeat of Japan? Anyone who claims to know is a liar (but predictions are welcome). There was literally no legal market there for over a decade.

So in my opinion at this point the 29 markets don't matter because they are either too small to have an impact, too nebulous to make a prediction or Japan. A better strategy would be to strengthen the market share in their Tier One markets.

On a side note and for consideration, the Xbox 360 didn't break its launch into tiers.

Volkama1508d ago

Phil Spencer doesn't generally say "my intention is to win" straight up like that. He says it to cover himself from "Microsoft have given up!" sensationalism.

Usually his point is actually that he doesn't need to "win" for the XBox business to be considered a success.

Eonjay1508d ago

I understand what you are saying, but his wording is very clear:

"...I want to win. I want to win this generation...As the Xbox team, we are the underdog...They beat us in June. They beat us in May...The battle is really September, October, November, and December."

He acknowledges Sony as the competition and his intention to win the "real sales battle"

Volkama1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

You're right in so far as that is a direct quote where he does talk about beating Sony, but look at it in the full context from that same interview and you see that the message he actually conveyed was quite different:

"At some level, it is a competition, and I've said before I want to win," Spencer tells us. "At the same time, I want to build a great platform for gamers. If somebody else does that to, and they do really well? Hats off to them, but I can have success in our own space if we're selling a lot of consoles and people are buying games."

Spencer knows that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will continue to be compared. "We shipped at the same time and we're in direct competition with the PS4," he admits. "I'm not going to duck that. I want to win. I want to win this generation, but I want to win more than I want the other guy to lose. I own a PS4, and it's not like I want it to get dusty or not have games. But I do want to sell a lot of Xbox Ones, and for many people that's a direct competition with the PS4. As the Xbox team, we are the underdog."

"They beat us in June. They beat us in May," Spencer says. "These months are small if you look at the sales. I think the whole month of June is about one week in November. They're winning, and they'll do their PR around it, and that makes sense. The battle is really September, October, November, and December."

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