Gioteck EX-01 Bluetooth Headset For PS3

This Wireless Bluetooth headset has been specifically designed for the gaming market. Below are some of the key features for this product:

- DarkLite illuminated feedback, perfected for dark viewing conditions.

- 20-degree variable mic arm allows movement away or towards cheek, working with contours of face.

- Ergonomically designed controls allowing instinctive location of volume and power/mute.

- External speaker sponge designed to sit comfortably on the ear, without entering the earhole itself, allowing longer gameplay in comfort.

- Charges via USB.

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Egzekutor3775d ago

I own this headset and it is really good... possibly the best headset you can get on PS3.. Its great and really comfortable..

bigrob1233775d ago

aswome headset baught a cheep one origionally but it kept cutting my controller off but this one is very good its bn out a while now so u can get it pretty cheep deffinetly recomend