The PS Vita Still Isn’t Getting Any AAA Games and It’s Time to Get Over It

Ed from Twinfinite writes: "When the PS Vita launched back in February of 2012, there was much buzz and excitement over a portable system that could deliver a true modern console experience in handheld form. With its two analog thumbsticks, a gorgeous OLED screen, and touch controls, it looked like the PS Vita had everything out of the box to take over. What happened?"

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MillennialBuddha1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Freedom Wars is a AAA game (Japan Studio).


jujubee881558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

The best quality Japanese games and Indie games:

I knew the VITA's library follow the (aforementioned) blueprint BEFORE the device even launched. How+Why others bought and/or now complain, [about the content not being their AAA console games] I have no freaking idea.

Whatever. There will be ignorant and loudmouths all over the internet. And getting mad about every VITA cynic/hater 'till the cows come home wont do anyone much good. I say just play the VITA and enjoy it. :P

Prime1571558d ago

It's a shame, but, regardless, I absolutely love my vita... and the 3 to 4 free ps+ games (cross-buy games) make it the ultimate portable gaming device.

NewMonday1557d ago

quite a number of AAA games announced for Vita ate the pre-TGS Sony conference, Ys looks incredible for a handheld.

ShinMaster1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

I'm starting to think some people believe that "AAA" means "not Japanese" or "non-new IP" that is "only from the West and is already a mainstream franchise".

A pretty dumb reason to miss out on good games.

Giul_Xainx1557d ago

The vita had the attention it needed back in 2012... But everyone thought "can it make cell phone calls and play online games over a wireless network via cell phone towers?"

Basically because it couldn't do what ngage did on a chappy 1g network at all no one was really interested in it when it finally released. It was just an expensive mini ps3.

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3-4-51558d ago

I don't care how many A's the games are, they just need to be fun & bug free.

sanosukegtr1231558d ago

Well now we should depend on the japanese to deliver AAA to us unless we receive a triple game that can last on the vita like oh i don't know a GTA game build from ground up or a resident evil game like revelation but better with co-op missions and vs matches and mercenary modes.

Snookies121558d ago

I honestly don't care, most AAA games these days aren't all that great. There are plenty of fantastic games that aren't in that AAA class, but just as good if not better at times.

EdMcGlone1558d ago

I totally agree! I bring up a lot of examples of great non AAA games in the article.

jujubee881558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

This is true. The boundaries are getting more and blurred -- between AAA and indie specifically, in the west -- as content becomes digital and more accessible and online-focused marketing becomes smarter. Not to mention tools and resources for making games becoming smarter and more of them.

On The VITA PS Store, Velocity 2X is ALREADY sitting at 468 user ratings (and @ a 4.5 star rating). It's free on PS Plus too so, that kind of blurs the units shipped. It wouldn't surprise me if V2X sells REALLY well on VITA, though.

Gravity_DoGG1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

I have nearly platinumed velocity 2x. decided to try it out on Vita before I was all done with it and damn it plays good if not better on the Vita. and the OLED screen makes it look much better than it did on my sony bravia tv from 2005 xD decided to delete it from my ps4 and get the platinum on Vita instead. Long live Cross-play/save

Vegamyster1558d ago

I like indie games but that's not the reason i ordered a Vita a few days ago, they're a nice bonus but if I'm dishing out that much money on a system then i want more then games that could run on a smart phone.

Gravity_DoGG1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

You ordered a vita a few days ago and complain about lack of AAA games? that's your own fault ..

Edit; its cool tho. But you know what your gonna get :-)

Vegamyster1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )


I'm buying one to play its backlog and i got a good deal on it, i wasn't complaining about a lack of AAA games.

Funantic11558d ago

That could be true but indies definently aren't the greatest either. Most indies now suck big time. There are too many indies and not enough AAA games.

Gravity_DoGG1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

You know minecraft and no man's sky are indies, right? Indies is tomorrow's AAA. I think it was Shu who said that..

Death1558d ago

Indies are not tomorrows AAA games. Indies are yesterdays homebrew games. While it is true Indies are taking the place of AAA games, that doesn't make it right. If you enjoy "indie" gaming, why are you buying the worlds most powerful handheld and home console?

Indie gaming is easy cash plain and simple. It's not a move forward in gaming, it's a giant leap back. Oddworld is more than capable of AAA games, but indies make more money with little overhead. Cliff is jumping aboard the indie gravy train instead of working on a new AAA franchise. You get the flashes of Phil Fish and Zoe Quinn, but you are also seeing established developers quitting to embrace the easy money.

If you honestly believe the bs we are being fed about indie gaming being the next AAA wave of talent, you are either young and/or stupid. Stop believing what you are told and start thinking for yourself.

MSBAUSTX1558d ago

While this is true, i love Uncharted and Borderlands, i would really love seeing a new Black for Vita, infamous, and an exclusive Vita version of Fallout or a Lost Planet. But everything i have been playing is awesome.

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DanielGearSolid1558d ago

Who cares about that label...

Vita is getting mad support as we saw from the pre tgs press conference.

For some reason indie games and Japanese don't count anymore? Lol

EdMcGlone1558d ago

I would highly suggest reading the article :)

DanielGearSolid1558d ago

I read it...

I'm agreeing with u lol

MrSwankSinatra1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

The same way that people make the claim that there are hardly any games on PS4 that appeal to Japanese audiences in Japan, thus why it's not selling that well, it applies here in the west for vita. The level of ignorance when it comes to this topic is astounding. The vita needs games that appeal to western audiences and we're just not getting it. Indies do not sell systems, what sells systems are games that show what the platform is truly capable of. If indies were the mainstay of games then why even have a next generation system/hanheld?

Death1558d ago

Had Sony launched the Vita in 2012 as a budget handheld with awesome indie support you would have a point. Unfortunatly Sony marketed the device as being as powerful as a home console with the convenience of a portable. Many of us that were led to believe Sony would support the console properly would like to see more games that take advantage of the systems capabilities.

It's awesome that you feel the need to pretend that the indie shovelware is more than enough to compensate for the lack of proper support, but that doesn't mean others can't "bitch" about not getting quality games for the system.

Quality AAA and even AA games along with indie shovelware is awesome. Not getting the quality games, but lot's of idie shovelware is nowhere near as cool as you want everyone to believe.

NintySonySoft1558d ago

I love sony and all but, Handheld market is for Nintendo, as the console market sony is kicking ass! well it doesn't matter i got the best of both worlds!

TongkatAli1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

The 3DS is the worst gaming purchase that I have ever made. You're entitled to your opinion and I just gave you mine.

I can't wait to play RE revelations 2 on the Vita :)

Odoylerules0001557d ago

RE Revelations 2 is going to be on the vita? You sure?

NintySonySoft1557d ago

Its not a opinion it's facts the 3ds is dominating the handheld market.... lol as the ps4 is killing it with the console market