Jazz Jackrabbit Revival Hits Kickstarter. Who Needs IP Rights?

Marcus Estrada writes: "When Jazz Jackrabbit launched in 1994 it gained a lot of PC gaming attention. Developed and published by Epic MegaGames (now known as simply Epic Games), a fandom quickly formed around the series. Original designer Cliff Bleszinski has long since moved onto other projects much to the dismay of fans. Enter a recently-launched Kickstarter campaign for Jazz Jackrabbit Revival. According to the page, Turbo Tech Games plans to create a brand new game in the series using the Unreal Engine and port it to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The page itself has some nice visual accompaniment and doesn't look inherently shady at first glance."

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Webbyy1502d ago

Jazz was one of my favorite games growing up. hope it makes a comeback for sure.

Drydwen1502d ago

So many memories of this game. I truly hope that they make a remake of it but I'd prefer it if it was done by the original developers. Let us hope!

WonderboyIII1502d ago

shit game. Even Sonic these days is shit. These games don't sell. Look at rayman.

EdoubleD1502d ago

Don't shit on my childhood.

NSANiTY1502d ago

It is now under an intellectual property dispute on Kickstarter. This one is probably going down.