NYKO Kama Wireless Review (Wii)

While the NYKO Kama Nunchuck and Nintendo Nunchuk (note the slight spelling differential) do look extremely similar, NYKO's control alternative is slightly wider and deeper than its first-party counterpart. This is especially apparent at the thumbstick end of the Kama, which makes the device feel more solid and a little less fragile than the original Nunchuk. That physical user assurance is also compounded by a touch of extra weight in the Kama, which is the product of two AAA pencil batteries housed inside the exaggerated curves of the unit's ergonomic finger grip.

From a controller layout perspective, the Kama offers up a near-identically placed analogue thumbstick along with 'C' and 'Z' frontal button positioning that only differs from the original Nunchuk insofar as the buttons are transparent. The analogue stick feels solid but responsive at any and all angles, rolling freely in its socket but with just the right amount of resistance, while the buttons function with a similarly welcome inconspicuousness that's never likely to detract from game-based interaction.

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dribnif3961d ago plug the nunchuk into it and a "dongle" into the wiimote. It works very well, too.