Bayonetta 2 Direct Recap

Missed the Bayonetta 2 Direct? No worries! Featured are the details of what happened in tonight's direct.

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Big_Game_Hunters1503d ago

People wanted Bayo in smash, but it looks like smash came to Bayo instead.

annoyedgamer1503d ago

Glad Nintendo is sticking with this it could prove to be valuable.

TheVideoGamHer1503d ago

You mean the one game directs? This wasn't my favorite.

TekoIie1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I think about 20 minutes of this direct was something you would expect in a tutorial level. Overall this direct felt more likes its goal was to promote Bayo 2 rather than tell us about the game :/

Either way I can't wait to play it at launch.

ABizzel11503d ago

I agree, if you played the first game you could have skipped to the 21:00 mark of the 30 minute video, and the last 4 minutes was complete story spoiler.

Leaving about 5 minutes of footage that should be watched by fans. It was somewhere beneficial for those completely new to Bayonetta on Wii U, but overall I don't think they should have a 30 minute direct for a single game, if it's only going to be a tutorial.

Still I can't wait. October is going to be harsh on the wallet, some game might get pushed back to Black Friday sale status -_-

Locknuts1503d ago

The new trailer is epic. Just paid off my pre order.

wonderfulmonkeyman1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I liked the new weapon reveals they did, but I've seen a shot at one point, in a different vid, of Bayonetta wielding a Sword and Shield as her weapons, and I have yet to see that again in any footage.
It makes me wonder if that was an accidental secret weapon reveal, or if that was an Angel weapon she picked up off of a defeated foe...

And speaking of Shields, someone help me out with this:
Go to the Direct and fast-forward to the part where they're demonstrating the Link costume.
If the shield is actually more than just a cosmetic piece, it's going to become my costume of choice...

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