Gaming climax: Bayonetta 2 EU release date, new modes and special editions announced

After months of waiting, Bayonetta 2 finally has a European release date - with the game hitting our fair shores on the 24th of October.

After dropping that (expected) bomb, Nintendo and Bayonetta developers Platinum Games also revealed that the game will contain more than just a story and online mode, with Bayonetta 2 featuring a single player challenge mode called Musphelium mode.

Remember the announcement of Nintendo costumes in the original Bayonetta? Well it turns out Bayonetta 2 will be kitted out in the same three costumes ( Link, Samus and Princess Peach) plus a new Star Fox based costume called Star Mercenary. Cool, if you're into that.

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ritsuka6661557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Amazinggg Direct., Bayonetta 2 is GOTY 2014 for sure. Thank you Nintendo for funded this game you deserve all respect of gamers for this move.

Special Edition pic:

bequietdrive1557d ago

Definitely going to bite on that special edition. Just worried how much they might charge for it!

I'm guessing £59.99..

weekev151556d ago

Spot on £59.99 game exclusive.

bequietdrive1556d ago

Glad I was right, was worried they'd bump it up to £69.99!

bequietdrive1557d ago

Looking like they might be GAME exclusive sadly

IQUITN4G1557d ago

Iv'e been the biggest Halo fan and have enjoyed 360 mostly for your his franchise but for me the biggest system seller has been Bayonetta. Initially hated everything about it but Bayonetta is exceptionally deep and rewarding beyond what iv'e experienced from any other game

Bayonetta 2 is a system seller for many I'm sure. Certainly doesn't hurt that they also include Bayonetta1 with this package complete now with silky smooth consistent 60 frames

bequietdrive1556d ago

Including the original was a genius move, makes the whole package astounding value.

I agree about it being a system seller, Bayonetta was one of the games that took me by complete surprise last gen. Bayonetta 2 announcement made me buy a Wii U at launch

Venox20081553d ago

for me too .. I still can't believe that soon we will play it :) so many nerves before, before the announcement of it when it was canceled by SEGA, but still it's soon :)

Venox20081556d ago

already preordered :) cant wait ..bayo is one of my favourite games

bequietdrive1556d ago

I'd pre ordered the standard edition on Amazon, but now have to cancel that for the First Print. It looks way too sexy not too own..

Venox20081553d ago

true true :) I just can't pass and not support my favourite developers since Clover days :)