Nintendo costumes are also in Bayonetta 2, including Fox McCloud

During today's Bayonetta 2 Direct, it was announced that the game will include Nintendo costumes just like the original game.

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Big_Game_Hunters1507d ago

Platinum is the second studio making Starfox confirmed

ritsuka6661507d ago

Does this confirm that Platinum games is working on the New Star Fox? I hope so!

Thrillho1507d ago

Nintendo internal team and Platinum Games working together? That'll be awesome.

Army_of_Darkness1507d ago

If Nintendo bought Plat-games, I would feel like as if I was physically forced to buy a wiiU....

Metallox1507d ago

Forget all this crap, both the original and 2 will cost 59.99.

Incredible Price!!!

dadz1507d ago

If you get it on the Eshop it'll cost $59.98!!

Venox20081506d ago

for 59.99 pounds in you can get First Print Edition ... :) yeay! :)

CaptainYesterday1507d ago

That Fox costume is hilarious

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DC7771507d ago

Foxier than ever now.

weekev151507d ago

Wow that took way longer than i expected. Reference to the Hendrix classic foxy lady would also have been acceptable punnage.

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