N4G Radio 06/16/2008

This week the guys go on a sneaking mission as we discuss Metal Gear Solid 4 and manage not to spoil anything. We also discuss the other latest releases including The Incredible Hulk, Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 as well as some other classics such as BioShock and Capcom Vs. SNK.

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SilPho3778d ago

*gruff voice* Metal Gear!

Been waiting for the MGS 4 discussion especially this week :)
Props for the crew.

xhairs3778d ago

Can someone pinpoint the part where they actually talk about MGS4?

SIX3778d ago

Well they really don't say much about it because it's not a full crew and they don't want to spoil anything. Next week will be the real dicussion. Still worth listening to though.

AllseeingEye3778d ago

as much as I do. It is the best game out for the current gen systems. I would have to disagree with Gambus (not sure about spelling)when he said NIN isnt good anymore. There last album was excellent. Also Star Ocean is a timed exclusive, Infinite Undiscovery is the xbox exclusive. Many people believe FFXIII will never see 360 mainly because sony has invested and has been funding its development. Much like MGS it will stay ps3. Thanks for the podcast guys, keep em commen.