Gaming Is A Man’s World And I Intend To Keep It That Way (Satire)

Video Games Made Me Do It: "The culture of gaming is going through a massive change. In the 80’s or 90’s you wouldn’t see this problem rear its ugly face."

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ChickeyCantor1506d ago

Ugh. Screw all the SJW nonsense and the people who want to destroy the "gamer" ( hilarious btw ).

But this is the same BS. Gaming is for everyone, peopl need to stop cherry picking things out of games and pretend they affect our society.

Rimgal1506d ago

The author seems to appreciate the company of men.

Are you trying to disclose something?

Big_Game_Hunters1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

And this is a gaming website, not a place for articles about femenism against or pro stance.

And no, just because Video Games are feminist's current flavor of the month doesn't make it gamig related.

Treezy5041506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I believe this is satire and it should be labeled as such or we're going to be surrounded in flames over here.

-Foxtrot1506d ago

The way I see it, is that it's like football

Now, now hear me out

Football is a sport, you have male football and even women's football but if we could associate football to one gender it would be males, is that sexist? No, because that's how it is, if you actually look into it you'll see that many woman football matches going on these days but we never see it because it's not really the norm, people are interested more in male football because to them that's what football is, a man's sport, it's been like that since...well forever really.

It's the same with gaming, there are girl gamers, women who play on games but at the end of the day it's a man's hobby, always was and always has been. Doesn't mean woman aren't allowed, and have never played games in the 80s/90s when video games were getting more focus, it's just getting the point across that SOME women come into gaming and want all these things changed which male gamers don't care about, and it's not like male gamers don't care about them because they are sexist or selfish, it's just because they came into this hobby because that's what it was like at the time. I mean look at it this way why get into a hobby which you know what to expect. You want equality? Well stop getting offended and take name calling and attacks just like men do all the time off each other, yeah that's right it doesn't just happen to you it happens to everyone.

I don't go online much in multiplayer matches but if I took offence to all the things that I've had thrown at me I would of probably had a nervous break down by now. In the end I just simply mute it and gladly play on my games instead of trying to change something which will never be changed.

memots1506d ago

Girls like football too. Every years there is a game that they can't remember the name. and they get to watch commercial and make appetizer. Even Martha Stewart has a section about that one game.

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