Conduit dev wants Wii voice-chat

CVG Reports: Dan Kaufman, the lead game designer of Wii first-person shooter The Conduit, has said that he hopes to include voice chat in multiplayer.

"We are exploring the possibility for voice chat," Kaufman said in a QA posted on the game's official website.

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BrotherNick3774d ago

That would be cool...I'm kinda thinking with all the features we may need a wii lan adapter for connecting wired would help it not choke. Thankfully I'm a nerd and have one already, worked well for brawl.

mepsipax3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

High Voltage seems to be on the ball with what the average wii hardcore crowd wants, voice chat, good graphix, good controls, and not a party/minigame, I bet they lurk in the back of a lot of forums and comments sections which I think developers should do more often.
edit: wait does that mean they're reading my comments right now, auggh I'm scared, somebody hold me.

Irishrocket693774d ago

hope this will come true!!!