If PSN can’t handle Minecraft, what’s gonna happen when Destiny releases?

GameZone's Lance Liebl: "Since PSN is down, I’m left pondering this question: If PSN can’t handle the release of Minecraft, what’s gonna happen when Destiny releases?"

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Eonjay1506d ago

lol I love the dramatic exaggerations!

PeaSFor1506d ago

blatant sensationalism, the definition of gaming blogs & "journalism".

GiggMan1506d ago

Alpha and beta went smooth. I have no doubt that psn will be fine.

If not oh well, I'll just tune in to N4G for a few hours and laugh at the people flipping out.

Regardless it will be a fun day.

Cupid_Viper_31506d ago

But not only that, This article is also suggesting that Destiny is somehow as Popular as Minecraft, which is not the case.

Minecraft is way more popular than Destiny, and was being anticipated by a lot people. I expect minecraft to outsell Destiny on the PS4.

gootimes1506d ago

Maybe it will take it down for a while due to high traffic... Not really new or a big deal, and not an exclusive problem to the PSN.

hkgamer1506d ago


alpha and beta trials for mmo also goes pretty smooth, however on launch day the servers get maxed out almost every time.

i do hope that the launch will go smoothly though, im not buying the game but hopefully the people who do, get to play it atleast within an hour of trying to play.

guitarded771506d ago

VERY typical from this site. This is why we have a rating system on n4g... too bad no one uses it.

UltraNova1505d ago

Although this is pure exaggeration and flaimbate, I would like to say that if the servers aren't up to the task for a couple always online games however big they are imagine if MS's plans on an always online generation came through... we would rarely be able to log in let alone play any games from the constant network crushes...

Today's infrastructure is a long way from supporting an always online eco-system.

Kidmyst1505d ago

I'm sure the network will be slow at first with the digital downloads, game updates and such. That's more taxing than just game play. After that initial surge smooths over then it'll be normal. if not I have PS4 Minecraft to play too.

SilentNegotiator1505d ago

When has the launch of a game this big NOT had effects on the perspective networks? Heck, both Ps4/Xbone versions of the BETA tripped up PSN/LIVE for a few hours.

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Kayant1506d ago

Lmaooo A+

True be told if they don't have licenses issues like with Minecraft and I:Last Light then there will be server issues with bungie.

hkgamer1506d ago

im just hoping that they are well prepared.

especially for the digital buyers. cos those could go wrong aswell.

they should have a very good estimate and should have everything set up.

side note: if psn digital version fails. it may be a good opportunity to buy the game and then complain to sony. they tend to refund you in credit and then let you kep the game. but if they dont, dont blame me :P

aceitman1506d ago

im sure some of it had to do with them launching on a non store day. heck all we know this could have been the issue it was sent back to be corrected

JetsFool35001506d ago

Psn went down because a lot of people were trying download minecraft at once I dont think itll be that bad since you can preload destiny

--Onilink--1506d ago

yeah, but that also means that anyone who has preloaded the game will start downloading at the same time, because its done automatically.

I believe they should have let us download it with more time to spare and not automatically, that way the downloads would have been more spread out

hkgamer1506d ago


never tried pre downloads yet, but i always thought that they schedule it correctly so that not everyone will download the game at the same time. was also thinking that they should use bittorrent style for preloads, i remember metal gear online for ps3 did this.

JeffGUNZ1505d ago

Yeah, Pre-load will be the saving grace I think. I know X1 opened pre-order 8 days ago, when is/did Sony open the pre-load?

VforVideogames1506d ago

You get what you pay for, plain and simple.

Gamer19821505d ago

Erm the difference is Minecraft is a PSN only game right now destiny is on disc.. All this proved is the networks are not ready yet for an all digital future..

assdan1505d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if it crashed all networks for a short time.

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Eonjay1506d ago

"Since PSN is down"

Yeah, its up. Actually, it depends mostly on how many people are downloading it on day one. Hopefully preloading should help, but if millions upon millions of people hop on at the same time in the same regions, its going to crash. In a few hours after people stop barging the hell out of PSN, it will stabilize and be fine. Millions played the beta and it had almost no issues.

Kayant1506d ago

Yh that's the thing today was just licensing issues rather than it buckling from users.

Tuesday will be have issues expectedly due to Destiny's MMO nature and the mass of people on the service which will likely eclipse the beta.

I will want similar on-line only game has launched recently with no issues?

MRMagoo1231506d ago

I wonder how many articles we will get about this, so many games have problems at launch on pc and consoles yet all we seem to see are psn articles. I mean look at wow the other day, it was crashed for hours and hours and not much came from it and blizzard have been doing servers for years, but now some ppl can't get on mine craft and we get 40 articles.

AngelicIceDiamond1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Largely gaming media doesn't talk so much about whats going on in PC games it doesn't draw big headlines.

This whole PSN thing is being fed in favor of the "conosole war" the only headlines gamers and journalists ultimately really care about is when something good or bad happens to either MS or Sony.

Something happened to WOW? "Yawn" is the attitude of the gaming media.

DefenderOfDoom21506d ago

Because more people own SONY consoles , so these gaming sites figure they will get more hits , by saying something negative about SONY.

Riggans421506d ago

Hopefully next tuesday isn't so bad. I think preloading will help. There might be some brief moments of connection problems, but generally i think it'll be smooth sailing.

JeffGUNZ1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

If those idiots try and bring down servers with DDOS for Destiny they should be tickled till the defecate themselves.

Majin-vegeta1506d ago

The thing was only down for like 20-30 min.OMG IT'S TEH END OF TEH WORLDS!!!!!!!!!!

admiralvic1506d ago

"The thing was only down for like 20-30 min."

Yeah, but I always look at these articles like mad libs.

aLucidMind1506d ago

In this day and age, you can say something takes five seconds to do and people will bitch if it takes SEVEN seconds.

trywizardo1506d ago

this one of the reason why i like X1 more than PS4 (i don't have anyone of them right now) the MS servers are awesome , even when my connection was slow (with 360) the game was smooth ...
sony should make more effort on the PSN servers .

Kayant1506d ago

"even when my connection was slow (with 360) the game was smooth" - Given that games relied on p2p for the large part I call BS.

Gears of War 3 with my shit connection is bad for example.

Golden_Mud1506d ago

Gears of War 3 contained dedicated servers , Judgment is the one that contained p2p servers.

Kayant1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

"Gears of War 3 contained dedicated servers" - If you have DLC and there isn't that many.

mcarsehat1506d ago

Then buy one, it's up to you after all.

Going on this site actually can put people off buying one.

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