PS4 Owned by 4.5% of the Japanese, 7.9% Wants to Buy One; 3.5% Wants an Xbox One According to Survey

A new survey shows the distribution of all game consoles between the Japanese population, and the purchasing intentions for PS4 and Xbox One.

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qwerty6761508d ago

wow thats pretty pitiful

for both consoles.

MRMagoo1231508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

They are comparing it to pretty much all consoles available tho if you look at the tags, so not THAT bad but still, we have to be getting a new dead horse now because this one has been flogged sooooooooo much it's turned into vapor and floated away.

uptownsoul1508d ago

This pretty much confirms that Japan is going handheld and mobile, because we know the 3DS is doing better than the Vita and the Wii U is doing better than the PS4… BUT in Japan even the Vita is doing better than the Wii U, and the Vita is supposed to be dead

Magicite1508d ago

cos dey dont wanna consoles but gamez dey dun have!

joab7771508d ago

Yep. Although, once PS4 begins releasing what they want, it will change. Persona 5 is huge.

meatysausage1508d ago

Its on PS3 so couldnt imagine that many Japanese gamers wanting to get new consoles for it

MRMagoo1231508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Really ? Another one? We kinda all know that the xbone wasn't and won't do well in Japan and we all know by now consoles in general aren't doing all that well either. Maybe let's just let this go and move onto something new now dualshockers? I am not even gonna click approve to prove a point.

Yes I know that I mentioned that above but it's not that amazing and being interested isn't a sale, I am interested in the wiiu but I don't have one.

Abriael1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

You do understand that 3.5% of the Japanese population would be a damn good result even if we don't count the 11.5% who is interested?

Yanno, there are quite a lot of Japanese on those four islands.

Aussiebeachbabe1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

You tell them abriael. I hate the people that want a console to flop. What a bunch of losers.

Redgehammer1508d ago

Xbox doing any business in Japan would be considered blasphemous here, on reliable N4G. Still, that's higher than I would have guessed. I hope both consoles do well, even if I choose to stick with a particular platform.

Loktai1508d ago

Well, 3.5% would be a lot of sales if they all buy them... though 8% who still want the PS4 and havent bought it in almost a year.. how many of both sides are just wishful thinkers... how much overlap is there is another question entirely.

I Know their economy is in the toilet but whats the right pricepoint for these guys? They must have some weakness...

Mr_Writer851508d ago

@ Abriael

But do you understand that it's not 3% of the population that have been asked.

It's 3 % of the 1072 people who took part.

I'm pretty sure 1072 isn't the population of Japan.

Ol_G1507d ago

Yeah would be good if this petition was hold in the entire country but that's not the case

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GiggMan1508d ago

These articles are getting old. So what if the Japanese don't care about consoles.

I don't care that they don't care and neither should anyone else.

Redgehammer1508d ago

Nice Neverending Story paraphrase, even if unintended.

GiggMan1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Lol. "We don't even care whether or not we care". I love that movie.

ContigoXRed1508d ago

It's a handheld market now. I don't see why this would be a surprise to anyone. The 3DS and VITA are more prevalent than ever in that region.

mcstorm1508d ago

I do find it bizarre how they prefer handheld consoles to home consoles but it goes to show gaming is not all about power and the best graphics.

Its also good to see the handheld market is going strong though.

ZeekQuattro1508d ago

It is odd but I'm glad to see handheld console are going anywhere. For a while there ever other piece was about how the handheld market is going down especially when the 3DS wasn't selling that well. I prefer home consoles but I always had a handheld console to go with my home ones so I'm glad to see its still thriving for some in the market anyway.

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weekev151508d ago

Wow that must have been a hell of a survey to get a percentage of the entire population of Japan.

Xb1ps41508d ago

Lol I bet it was a survey of no more then 250 ppl..

Abriael1508d ago

Because you can't read.

weekev151508d ago

1072 which as a representation of Japan probably isnt the most accurate sample.

Summons751508d ago

3.5 for xbone? Considering the Japanese xbone launch recently was a HUGE flop I kinda doubt that.

revben1508d ago

it has been in the top of all of japan online retailers, infront of ps4 destiny bunble.

Loktai1508d ago

Japan is notoriously retail oriented... their online sales arent a great indicator and Destiny bundle isnt a great comparison... a launch time console vs the launch of a very western game and they already have white PS4s so its nothing new.

I would wonder about all PS4 skus including different colors and bundles vs the XBOX.

Summons751508d ago

Have you seen pics from the launch...everywhere was dead.

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