Dead Rising 3 On PC Suffering From Performance Issues

"Capcom's third entry in the Dead Rising series isn't getting off to a great start on the PC. Crafty players who have already managed to get their hands on Dead Rising 3 on PC, despite it not being released in Western territories until tomorrow (it's out in Japan now), are reporting some serious issues with the PC port." TGC

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MRMagoo1231508d ago

Hmmmm hopefully this is patched very soon because I want this game.

Magicite1508d ago

they listed gtx570 as minimum, the hell?

SonofGod1507d ago

Wow no wonder why this game struggled on XO. The game was only half-done.

gamernova1507d ago

Why would anyone on PC even buy this game? It's capped at 30 fps. Lazy work. And Capcom's ports are poop for PC. I maybe biased because I decided that I was never going to get another capcom game unless it was heavily discounted but it's for good reason.

FantasyStar1507d ago

I played RE6 on PC and it was a flawless experience. While I do agree that it is lazy work. Capcom ports in general are acceptable: not poop.

wallis1507d ago

It's good but resource heavy. The fps cap is a pain but can be fixed quite easily if anyone's curious.

Also mouse acceleration when aiming is a pain. Furthermore if you're suffering from frequent crashes throughout the game it might be due to a problem with nvidia drivers. I rolled back to geforce 335.23 and found that my crashing stopped.

Until then I hope this game does get patched. I hate running older drivers, and while this game is very resource heavy it's sooooooo much God damned fun. So if you can run it, I'd recommend it.

Gamer19821507d ago

wont be patched as its a direct port rather than a decent one.. Soon as the exclusive deal ran out they rushed it to market to make there money as they are in trouble right now capcom and no doubt they wanted to get this out ASAP as they didnt sell as many copies as they would have liked on xbone thanks to low sales compared to ps4. As at launch like MS they assumed Xbone was going to be the more popular console. A few devs no doubt did like titanfall devs.

Nodoze1506d ago

Proving why exclusive 3rd party deals are a waste. I hope that devs have learned this up is Insomniac. They are going to get burned, followed by Crystal Dynamics.

With a vast majority having shifted to PS4, it simply does not make sense.

Just ask Crytek, and Capcom.

Also ask EA about the HUGE missed op with Titanfall.

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annoyedgamer1508d ago

Come on Capcom stop being stingy and fix the bugs.

Artista 1508d ago

lol ..

Your comment plus avatar = gold lol

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psvitamanfan1508d ago

W8 what b8 m8? Or have I joined too l8?

sorane1508d ago

Weird cause it's running fine for people over on gaf.

Seems it can chug a bit during cutscenes, but it's still running much better than the Xbox1 version and at much higher settings.

DevilOgreFish1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I got a chance to enjoy this on my PC today. It ran pretty good, 60 fps with some dips at ultra settings. The interesting factor is that the ultra settings barely feel "Ultra", nothing seems to improve the textures. it's also awkwardly brighter than the Xbox one version, at default it seems.

The system requirements were sort of hard to believe, but my performance did drop when waves of zombies started to accumulate. the specs could be accurate, it is a sandbox so it's easy to see environments getting filled up. i'd still wait for a patch for better gauging results.

hkgamer1508d ago

wasnt this suppose to be capped at 30fps due to how the engine worked? i remember hearing capcom say that this would be 30fps and if you do decide to unlock it then you may come up with some issues.

or did they change it?

Gamer19821507d ago

I play on high a lovely 1080p and it looks lovely.. Better than xbox one version and no issues on my £200 graphics card.. Runs smooth, its locked at 30fps but unlocking leads to major issues so i'm not unlocking.

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