Flockers Preview: Its Flocking Awesome

Flockers is a sadistic, deranged and thusly awesome upcoming [email protected] game from the brains behind Worms. Team 17 have haven't been shy to draw comparisons to legendary classic Lemmings - which tasks players with guiding suicidal creatures through increasingly complex and hazardous obstacle courses.

Flockers enraptures with layers of addictive and thoughtful puzzles, coated in lamb flavoured icing around a creamy centre of nostalgia. Hmm, now I want cake. Bloody mutton cake.

Be sure to check back next week for our full review ahead of the game's September 19th Xbox One release.

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MRMagoo1231506d ago

Another nice looking game coming to xbone, this and below should keep xbone owners busy for a while.

Seafort1505d ago

This is already on PC as I have it on steam. It's been on steam for months in Early Access. This article makes it out to be an Xbox One exclusive.

I wish the gaming media and developer/publishers would actually write factually correct articles and not try to deceive the customers for once.

LiamBoxPlay1504d ago

In our defence we report on the Xbox One version because...well we are an Xbox site. We are not bashing Sony or any other platform for that matter, its just we report the Xbox version because that is what we have played.