PAX 14: H1Z1 and It’s Humanity, Or Lack Thereof

Lore Hound writes: "You’re dropped into a world that’s unassuming desire is to see you dead. Civilization has collapsed. Zombies are everywhere. Items needed to live are in short supply. By hook or by crook is how humanity continues to survive in this deadly, desolate world. You can craft items from trees you cut down or you can scrounge from those left behind by the less fortunate. Frankly, you've options."

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PaleMoonDeath1504d ago

This and DayZ, I need to get my hands on both, big fan of DayZ videos (one with Mr Moon, Morgan Freeman etc) always wanted a good rig to play it.

Since both are coming to PS4, I'm fine with waiting.

Forn1504d ago

Glad this coming to PS4, looks good.

Pillsbury11504d ago

Dayz and h1z1 on ps4? Say goodbye to my old human life.

Timesplitter141504d ago

for now I kinda have more faith in DayZ than this. H1Z1 seems to feel more like Rust

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