Yoshida-san: I have big plans for Worldwide Studios

Shuhei Yoshida, the man chosen last month by Sony to replace Phil Harrison as head of its Worldwide Studios, has told that while he doesn't intend to fulfil Harrison's evangelist role, he did say that there are "lots of things we're already planning to implement" in the medium term.

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Vojkan3961d ago

Let me guess, more "looking at what Nintendo is doing with Wii so we are also gonna do it!"?

kewlkat0073961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

getting it ready to drop it on more IP's.

Silogon3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Big plans, huh? What do they consist of, axing more promising games? Giving us a slew of junk ass casual games no one will buy or bat an eye at? Please, save your PR talk.

Do something decent like secure a major 3rd party exclusive and kick some money to your in house developers again.

Sony's days are numbered, officially. They're on the wrong path with this copying motion controller crap, axing games, focusing on garbage guitar hero, singstar and casual crap!

It's over!

So I'd like to know what we have now. Really. what?

Killzone 2
Resistance 2
Motorstorm 2
Heavey Rain < if it's not axed too
Little big planet

That's it. Those are the last of our big in house exclusives. what the hell is Sony going to do for us next year? Hell, even this year cause none of those games but Resistance looks good to me. I'm also sick of the 2's atleast Eightdays didn't have a number attached to its ass!

This guy is the reason why Ps3 has no RPG's on it. They're hardcore and this donkey **** wants the ps3 to be a casual machine. A 400 dollar casual machine at that. This guy is an idiot!

DanB913961d ago

Those games that you listed seem sufficient for the future.
BTW you forgot about FF13, GOW3, WKS, Socom, ICO game, etc.

And they will announce more games at E3. If you think thats all Sony has throughout the lifetime of the PS3 you, quite frankly are an idiot.

I'm gonna bubble you so you can respond

juuken3961d ago

o_o; Just when I think you regained your sanity, you pull off the emo post.

LastDance3961d ago

Great......this guy needs to go.

4cough3961d ago

This bloke sounds like a winner..Honest.

juuken3961d ago

Hopefully he sounds better than Kim and Greenburg because they're the biggest blokes in MS.

cliffbo3961d ago

he just said Ken got it wrong with the PS3!!! i've got a bad feeling about this guy! he also cancelled 8 days because it lacked any online component... please Sony, for the love of god don't abandon the singleplayer altogether

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The story is too old to be commented.