Jesper Kyd Scores Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

One Angry Gamer "Every time there’s a post that doesn’t have to deal with #GamerGate I get a little bit excited; a part of me jumps on the inside about the giddy possibilities regarding the game in said post. But then, another part of me realizes that said game could be part of some backroom cabal and the whole thing is actually some sort of sham and it’s all one big lie. I mean, following the IGF thing it’s impossible to tell what’s what anymore. However, sometimes there’s news from places that just seem like they want to get the word out about their creativity and art, and it’s easy to forget about all the other nonsense."

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BattleTorn1504d ago

I was initially OK with this game not coming to current gen, namely because I have my PS3 in my bedroom.
And I have been looking for, as well as buying older PS3 particularly for that room.

That all being said, PS TV ships the same day as this game.

So I will have my PS4 in my bedroom sooner than I would've bought a second PS4!

1504d ago
ArtificiallyYours1504d ago

Sweet, loved the Hitman soundtracks :)

poppinslops1504d ago

yeah, me too.
Contracts had such an ominous tone, whereas Blood-money was quite beautiful (loved the 'Heaven' theme, even with that crazy assassin's vocals.

That said, Absolution's soundtrack was my favourite (that JohnnyCash-alike song is BAD ARSE), but Mr. Kyd didn't work on that game so... I dunno, maybe Borderlands will be a better match?

ArtificiallyYours1504d ago

I've noticed the Invader ambiance is a lot like blood flowing in 47's brain tissue, Winter Night sounds like muffled breathing given his near death state, and Slaughterhouse bares striking similarities to Pink Floyd's /Animals/ album.

Nate-Dog1504d ago

Jesper come back to games with more unique worlds, I miss you so. :(

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