Can’t Get ESO Red Diamond Song Out Of My Head

Skyrim Fansite writes: "Red Diamond is one of the most catchy songs in all of Tamriel.

Instead of cutting the grass or doing a myriad other chores around the house this Labor Day weekend, I slacked off and spent my free time binge gaming in The Elder Scrolls Online. I should feel guilty, but Shor’s bones I had a lot of fun. I joined a new guild, completed a handful of backlogged quests, and crafted dang near what seemed to be a thousand daggers in an effort to increase my neglected blacksmithing skill from 6 to 29.

To craft that many daggers I spent a lot of time buying ingots and supplies from guild traders throughout Tamriel. One of my favorite places to shop for materials was Stormhold — not only because I tended to find the best deals on Orichalc and Dwarven metal, but because I enjoyed listening to the marketplace bard.

The Stormhold bard plays a trio of songs, but my favorites by far is Red Diamond. This catchy song quickly became my number one Elder Scrolls Online earworm. The song has been playing over and over in my head for days! It’s like some cruel trick of Molag Bal. Make it stop, please!"

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