Sports Fans, We’ve Got Something New for You on Xbox One

Team Stream, Bleacher Report’s top-rated mobile app, is coming to the TV for the first time and offering sports fans in the U.S. the latest news and information on their favorite sports teams. You can personalize the app to feature the top sports news alongside the latest videos featuring your favorite teams and even use the app in Snap mode to catch up on the latest news during a break in a game.

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AutoCad1529d ago

Xbox is a sports fan dreambox.

Mkai281529d ago

Already enjoyed the new NFL experience after watching it on the first official game between Greenbay vs Seahawks. More sports apps are welcomed..

TRD4L1fe1529d ago

absolutely, I loved the notifications for big plays and the fantasy point highlights

mhunterjr1529d ago

Absolutely loving the sports apps on xb1!