Gamers aren’t dead, it’s just that being a gamer doesn’t mean anything

VGU's Ian writes "In response to the rather embarrassing firestorm that has been going down on Twitter, a few gaming journalists have penned pieces vehemently stating that gamers are dead. At face value I’m here to tell you that’s a load of old twoddle, but also that the authors themselves know this to be twoddle too.

Gamers as a subgroup aren’t dead, it’s just that identifying yourself as a gamer doesn’t mean anything. That’s the point they are trying to get across."

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kyon1471503d ago

I think this has a far point

DanielGearSolid1503d ago

Who cares about this fake movement....

I find it hilarious that even tho the majority still calls themselves gamers, these articles(not this one) try to pretend they've revolutionized the industry....

Its an extremely small minority yet they claim victory lol. That's wat I call propaganda

NightOfBlades1502d ago

Being a "gamer" is whatever you imagine it to mean. But I consider someone a gamer even if they only play a flash game or a mobile title.

Wargrave1502d ago

I do wonder why they label themselves as gamers when there is no such thing as a "musicer" or a "movier". Instead there are music lovers and film enthusiasts, indicating it is a part of a larger whole. Gamer makes it seem like that is it in its entirety, leaving nothing else of interest about you to note. If that is the case, it kind of explains why some of them are taking things to a new level of extremity.

IanVanCheese1502d ago

to be fair, I think that's just a case of people being lazy and shortening the term down as much as possible. If musicer or filmer didn't sound stupid, we'd use them too.