Minecraft PS4 Edition Out Now in US, PSN Issues Reported

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition, the demo, and all the DLC is now available for purchase through the PlayStation Store in North America, but you might not be able to get it quite yet.

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Derekvinyard131530d ago

Guys I know this is a bit off topic but does anyone know how certification for sony works, devovler digital emailed me back and duke nukem for vita/ps3 was sent in 3 months ago and still no word. Does anyone know if there's an email

Wedge191530d ago

Man! Always something else. Hopefully this is good to go soon!

badboyz091530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

PSN has only been a paid service 10months. Give it more time. If you guys want it to be perfect lets up the price to $60. give you 7 year old games on PS3's ps+ etc..... That way more money can go into the network. Also let sony close down a few first party studios like sucker punch and save money by buying timed exclusives and DLC.

Wedge191530d ago

@Badboyz09 - I was referring to Minecraft PS4, not to the PSN.

WeAreLegion1530d ago

The network is having issues worldwide. :/ I hope it's working by the time I get off work.

Smurf11530d ago

My PS4 library is showing 0 games and I can't play with anyone. Minecraft clearly broke PSN. Wonder if Sony will be able handle Destiny's launch...

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Loktai1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

As of right this moment its working for me, I Had a weird moment where it acted like I wasnt connected and it came back in a minute, for a minute thought it was DDOS again... thankfully not.

Its funny seeing even without the thing released in the USA til now, so many people livestreaming minecraft earlier. I have nothing against Minecraft but dear god is it popular and I'll be damned if I could tell why.

CorndogBurglar1530d ago

Because being creative with retro graphics is fun.

Loktai1530d ago


I understand why people SAY they like it but that doesnt explain its popularity really. Its not that Im saying nobody is having fun with it but it isnt the first game where you build or have artistic freedom at all.

Why does it have to be "retro" graphics?
They actually arent retro graphics they're
forced pixelated graphics, no games look like
that and especially not on purpose.

Its like the Quake 1 engine with SUb-doom level textures first of all and there is NO need for that other than just crap graphics for the sake of crap graphics and call them "Retro"....

Its just a pet peeve not trying to insult anyones preferences.

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The story is too old to be commented.