Are you a fan boy?

NextGEN Gamers takes a satirical look at why deep down, we're all fan boys.

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Bill Gates4600d ago

Yes, yes I am, and I'm proud of it...AHAAHAHAHHAHA

PirateThom4600d ago

I wouldn't say I'm a console fanboy, but I'm definitely a Metal Gear fanboy.

TheHater4600d ago

I am a Sony fanboy but I have a xbox 360, and had two Wii's. I enjoy both my PS3 and Xbox 360. But if I had to choose one, it will have to be the PS3 because some of my favorite series is on it, and more of them are coming like Final Fantasy, and God of War. Oh and don't get me started on Team Ico games.
On the xbox 360, Ninja Gaiden, and Fable are in my top 15 favorite series of all time. So yeah, I have games on both system that I enjoy a lot. I left out Bioshock for the 360 because it coming to the PS3. I enjoy Gears of War, but I wouldn't consider it one of my favorite.

Mr PS34600d ago

And it feel's real good to be a PS3 Fanboy
Good time's ahead for the PS3
Suck it up Bots
You'll never have an Epic like MGS4
The closest you got is Decade's behind the Masterpiece that is MGS4

WildArmed4600d ago

hell yeah! With MGS4.. console war is no more lol

yeah i am a HUGE fanboy XD
MGS fanboy, Final Fantasy fanboy, DMC fanboy, Dragon Quest fanboy and so on
oh! Almost forgot.. PS3 fanboy.. Sony fanboy O_o lol

kornbeaner4600d ago

I'm not much of a console fanboy, but when it comes to games I'm probably one of the biggest fanboys out and my choice for a console tends to reflect that. Right now most of the games I enjoy playing are only on the PS3, so there for I'm a PS3 junkie right now, in second place is Nintendo, then PC than 360. Thats just the way it is for me right now.

I guess that makes me a fanboy of sorts, but hey we all gotta like something.

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The story is too old to be commented.