FBI working with IGDA to combat online harassment of game developers

The FBI is working with the International Game Developers Association to help combat online harassment directed at game developers.

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nX1530d ago

"FBI working to combat online harassment of game developers"

UnwanteDreamz1530d ago

Dont feed the trolls FBI.

nX1530d ago

Mere mortals would think the FBI has better things to do... but the Simpsons knew it all along

DesertFoxJr1530d ago

Your point has some validity. But I think it's focusing more on the doxxing, invasion of privacy, death threats, and false bomb threats.

Hendrickson1530d ago

Death threats, bomb threats and doxxing. all that shit needs to stop. So good on the FBI, Weed out the scum giving gamers a bad name.

DesertFoxJr1530d ago

Yeah, maybe now people will realize it's a small subgroup of "gamers" doing this type of stuff, and that not all gamers are terrorists, ha.

mixelon1530d ago

Absolutely. Good luck to the FBI and anyone seriously standing against this nonsense.

On Another note - no even slightly reasonable person thinks all gamers do this stuff. It's weird how so many people here think we're that demonised outside of the tabloids and people who's opinions we should just ignore (glen beck etc)

Serrafina1530d ago

Hopefully, the US Congress doesn't add any standards or laws that hurt the gaming community from expressing themselves at the end.

-Foxtrot1530d ago

Apparently Zoe Quinn is playing the victim card even more and she's going to set up her own support group which deals with apparent "survivors" of abuse on the internet...even though she says she dosen't have the money for it

You know what's going to happen, she's going to end up taking donations where most the money she'll pocket. Anita will support her and bring the suckers in.

WeAreLegion1530d ago

Sounds about right. Zoe and Anita are giving a bad name to respectable female gamers.

spartanlemur1530d ago

All that's going to do is turn into an anti-free-speech group campaigning for more internet spying and IP logging.

In other words: more confirmation that Zoe Quinn is not "fighting the good fight" in any sense.

mixelon1530d ago

Regardless of the chain of events. Quinn and Anita ARE victims of online abuse. To say otherwise is frankly.. Hilarious.

Not interested in any "but they brought it on themselves!" rhetoric.

IcicleTrepan1530d ago

some of it was proven to be done by herself

-Foxtrot1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

What is with you, every comment you have made has been to defend them and stop people from questioning the corruption of the gaming industry.

If they have been speaking shit to people and are getting attacked for it, something THEY brought on themselves then I'm sorry but it's mostly their fault.

It's totally different if they were saints and were trying to help the gaming industry and people attacked them for no reason but that's not the case is it.

If you stand at the bottom of a tree and DELIBERATELY prod a Bee nest with a stick multiple times is it your fault if you get stung or is it the bee's fault?

Guess you are a reviewer or something

johndoe112111530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Again, The HYPOCRITES of gaming journalism fail to acknowledge the info that has been brought forward by numerous people that have actually done the journalists jobs for them by investigating and realizing that a lot of those "threats" are extremely questionable and seems to have actually been done by the victims themselves.

but then again, I guess it's too much to ask the "journalists" to actually do their bloody jobs right?


He's a so called "journalists". One of many who have been on numerous game site comment sections trying to do the usual spin and make it look like the issue has nothing to do with the underhanded and unethical practices of the gaming media, instead it's about harassment of devs. ZERO credibility.

mixelon1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

LOL What?

Now I'm a freaking journalist? What in the ever living shit are you guys talking about? If I was a goddamn journalist I'm pretty sure I'd have something better to be doing than arguing on the internets. XD

Your perception is as skewed as "theirs". Nobody is a saint. Nobody is either going into this or coming out of this looking like they've done a flawless job without any mistakes or dubious actions.

I am NOT getting you, or anyone else to stop questioning anything. Go ahead with that! It's interesting, especially when you provide links. I didn't challenge the crux of your post then, did I? Unless your shtick is painting one side good - other side bad.. In which case you deserve to have your cornflakes metaphorically pissed in, sorry, as things aren't that simple. That sort of mob nonsense deserves dissenters. You'd want it if the other side were doing it, so why's it ok for you?

People on both sides have legitimate concerns. It's about how you compose yourself. You *can't* accuse a set of people of being an angry dismissive mob and fight them by being an angry dismissive mob.

I hardly comment on "all your posts" Foxtrot. Pulling the victim card are we? Maybe you "Bring it on yourself" anyway, by being one of the most obtuse of the people posting on the subject here. Sometimes its good to not be surrounded by yes-men. Put it this way, if you're confronting or questioning a group, who do you confront? The seeming ring-leaders. Even if it spoils their fun.

Oh and using a "bees nest" as a analogy for gamers doesn't sound sensible when also trying to fight the negative gamer stereotype?

Seriously. You guys deserve each other. :D The fact that you've stooped to fabricating complete nonsense - about me. Someone who's clearly not "a journalist" goes to show the mindset of a big chunk of the mob thats formed on one side here. It's like the freaking Mccarthy communist witch-hunt or something. Burn the witch/commie/journalist!

It's absolutely.. Amazingly.. Crazy. It's hilarious by this point. By being so clearly unhinged you guys undermine all these accusations you throw around about people. THIS is what I'm trying to get you to dial back on. If you have a just cause and you want people to take it seriously don't act like this! You're just preaching to the choir here, and digging your entire cause a deeper hole.

I am not a journalist. Not that you care - but I actually work in a book shop. I occasionally blog, like many people here. I love games. I love gaming. I love a ton of games many people would consider to have "sexist" or troublesome content. Who cares? I can take or leave the gamer label - not really fussed about that personally. I can see why some people are though and that's great for them. Fight to legitimise that label, but do it in a manner that doesn't set us all back further, maybe?

Polarising everything is not doing anyone any favours. It doesn't matter who said what first because we're not in a freaking school playground.

Sorry for being a debbie downer. OMG Wall of text. Oops.

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