The Resident Evil Remake Is a Cheap Way to Cash in on Nostalgia

GeekParty writes: "When I heard that there was going to be another Resident Evil remake or re-release or HD upgrade or whatever the kids are calling it, I was a bit skeptical.

There have been so many re-imaginings of the first Resident Evil that I can no longer remember how the original plays. I can’t even tell you what order the puzzles or items are in anymore, since each subsequent cash in — er, improved version — shuffled them around."

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-Foxtrot1505d ago

I feel it's more to do wit the fact they can't make a good, new Resident Evil game so they are releasing an old one.

32froshes1505d ago

I like the combination of your name and avatar.

miyamoto1504d ago

I played the hell out of the original PlayStation version and Director's cut for hundreds of hours.
I still believe the original is the best and captured the essence of Biohazard at the right time.

Not buying this cash in.

aceitman1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

imo I think its a good way to have the fan fovorites play it with better graphics and have new players to the series a chance to play one of the best games from Capcom. sure its a cash grab but some are worth it , and it can give some some cash to make new ips or make a new resident evil with the same feel of the original .

princejb1341504d ago

Not everyone played the original resident evils. I know I haven't and I'm 24. I was to much of a wimp when that game came out. I tried to play it when I was older and the graphics turned me off so much I didn't bother.

mkis0071504d ago

I wonder when giving people what they want became such a negative?

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SCW19821505d ago

This is a complete cash in and unnecessary.

ape0071504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

yeah but human beings have the ability to decide if they wanna buy a thing or not u know, no one is forcing no one

not sure about apes, im a sucker for nostalgia/well designed games

Plus the game is an all time classic

Plus introdcucing something GOOD for newer gamers that didn't experience this classic

Plus the resi team is sucky right now and can't make good resi games no more

from years of my gaming experience i learned that a talented team is more important than anything

nucky641505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

if the remaster ups the atmosphere (of the game) the way metro:redux did, it's worth 25 dollars to me. if they want any more, it's too much.

Austin481504d ago

No its actually looking preety good. Whats funny is everyone wants a remake of the older ones when they give it to us you all whine like a little kid that doesant get his or her way lol its a shame.

luis_spartano1504d ago

This remaster MUST SELL like coca-cola on the desert! It's the only way to save the franchise.

It's up to us!

N81504d ago

I agree. If this doesn't succeed we are going to keep getting the resident evil that they release now. I feel like capcom is testing the waters to see if people would really buy a RE game like the old ones .

TedCruzsTaint1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I feel this is more of a cash-grab. Plain, simple and nothing much else to it.
I like to think that Revelations was them testing the waters, seeing how today's market would take to an experience closer to that of the older titles.
If they are expecting people to re-buy the same remake from over a decade ago . . . if that's what they are using to weigh whether or not it's what they want from the series going forward, then that's low.

That said, I am looking forward to the re-release, personally. I am one of an unlucky few who never had the chance to play the remake originally. Now I do get to do so, and even on PC.

Mrmalvern1504d ago

We also have Revelations 2 as well. depending on how these two games are received, it will dictate which direction the franchise goes.

Muzikguy1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

I'd prefer water in the desert . Coke is for....

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