IGN Game Scoop Podcast, Episode 83

It's Daemon Hatfield, Craig Harris, Greg Miller, and Ryan Geddes this week. Think of them as the podcasting Elite Four. Daemon is the good looking Dragon-type trainer. Greg is the husky Fighting-type trainer. Ryan is the cool-headed Ice-type trainer. And Craig is the scary old woman with the Ghost-type.

Hey did you hear MGS4 got a 10? Apparently games with 4s are the Second Coming. (Waiting on you, Jak and Daxter 4!)

Turns out your mom hates the new Beer Pong game. Nothing IGN can say at this point could be a bigger endorsement for the title.

360 owners have a few exclusive RPGs coming their way. They'll make nice bookends for the dozens of sports and FPS in their game libraries.

NPD numbers for May are out. IGN got a Spoiler alert: GTA did pretty well.

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