Are the new Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL Consoles all that Necessary?

With new Nintendo 3DS consoles having just been announced, Nintendo Feed's Darren explores if the new console releases are absolutely necessary or just another cash cow for Nintendo.

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Serrafina1598d ago

Unfortunately, the reasons listed in the article doesn't persuade, except the possibility of needing to use that tiny analog stick for certain games because I wonder if developers will incorporate more games using that function.

MRMagoo1231598d ago

I don't think they are necessary but I do know they will still sell like mad so I guess it doesn't matter.

wonderfulmonkeyman1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Perhaps not initially, but Nintendo is known for doing things step by step instead of in huge leaps and bounds, most of the time.
These N3DS's feel like a middle-ground solution to a new handheld system for Nintendo, rather than a whole new re-done product line.
It's a whole different system, yet still retains familiarity and easy connectivity with its less powerful predecessor.
They are most likely Nintendo's way of giving their fanbase something powerful enough to handle more expansive titles, and features fans wanted in the initial 3DS's, earlier than usual so that fans don't have to wait so long for games as big as Xenoblade to become portable experiences.

It basically allows Nintendo to put out some new hardware for the early adopters who have been waiting so long for something more powerful, without going full-out into an investment in more expensive high-end hardware that would be an even bigger money-sink/financial risk if things took a turn for the worst and it didn't sell.
I would assume that costs and an uncertain reception are why the N3DS wasn't the form the original 3DS came in to begin with, hence these smaller steps.

We'll likely see the N3DS and regular 3DS continue to get games for the next 3 to 5 years, and then Nintendo will go all-out with a game-changer rather than a small-step upgrade.
So in those terms, I guess we could consider the N3DS as being necessary to Nintendo's plan to play it safe with smaller steps, while they wait for the tech they really want to use for a bigger leap to become more feasible both cost and production-wise, because waiting will make the parts they want to use eventually go down in price.