Top 25 Vita Games (2014 Edition)

Our list of the must-play experiences on Sony's handheld.

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Protagonist1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )


"Persona 4: Golden is hands-down the best experience you can have on the Vita"

I can agree on that, this enhanced/remastered port is the ultimate experience of the game.

However they could have included.

Gravity Rush

Wipeout 2048

Soul Sacrifice

Demon Gaze

Dead or Alive 5 Plus

Beetey1507d ago

Agreed. They left out some pretty awesome games.

frameflip1506d ago

I've been wanting to pick up Persona 4 for a while. The only thing holding me back is that I never played 1-3. Do y'all think I need to?

Kal-V31506d ago

Nope. Each game has a different story. Dive in!. :P

Protagonist1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


Yup you can "dive in" however you choose, but I recommend starting out with Persona 3 Portable, my fav version of Persona 3... (only availble through PSN Vita, no retail!)

I played them all, including Persona 3 FES, but my opinion is, it is unplayable after having played P3P.

Ragthorn1505d ago


Hello, I actually HIGHLY recommend getting Persona 4 Golden! I didn't think I would get so involved in a game in such a short amount of time! I got it for my birthday from my friend (bless his soul) and as soon as I got home, I popped it in my Vita. Fairly basic start, but once you are free to actually do anything you want (once the tutorial ends), it becomes one of the most addicting games ever! TotalBiscuit was absolutely right when it just drained you for weeks on end. So yes, I recommend highly to pick up the retail while you can since I picked up the last copy of Persona 4 Golden in a EB Games (Gamestop in Canada) near me. And apparently it was one of the last copies.


Hehe "dive in".

etownone1506d ago

All in all,

It's still a shitty list for a console that's been out for 2 years.

My personal favs,
Street Fighter vs Tekken
And God of War collection.

Oh, and Rayman

Spotie1504d ago

It's a pretty good list, and a pretty damn good library overall.

Big_Game_Hunters1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

This list just reminded me of why i dislike VITA fanboys so much, they think everything is better on the VITA and won't let you forget it, even though its almost never true...
Also tearaway only number 20 behind some rhythm game and a bunch of indie platformers.. really ign? Change the name to Colin Moriarty's top 25 VITA games

Beetey1507d ago

As long as a game run fine, I will always prefer it on a handheld versus a home console. It just fits better with the way I game.

Protagonist1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I feel the same way, for Instance with Persona 5, that is a game I would rather stream to my Vita than playing it on the big screen.

Scatpants1506d ago

I agree. People are always putting down ports, but how else will you play those games on the go? Only on Vita. I play mine so much more than my 3DS.

TongkatAli1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I get reminded daily as to why Nintendo fanboys are the most annoying, it's all good bro.

His list is fine, but Danganronpa 2 should be number 1.

CaspuR1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Persona 3 or 4 could and should number 1 on any top ten best list.

Scatpants1506d ago

Disgaea 4 should be in the top 5

HentaiMasterRace1506d ago

I love Nintendo, but hate their fanboys the most!!!!!

captainexplosion1506d ago

IMO The Ratchet and Clank Collection should have easily made the list. Same with Rayman Origins. And Rayman Legends and LBP Vita should have been much higher.

Kal-V31506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

No Soul Sacrifice (Delta)? Then this list should not be taken seriously... also missing Grav Rush, Ys and a bunch more.

MSBAUSTX1506d ago

Just got a Vita recently and I am absolutely loving it. I was eyeballing a game called Dungeon Hunter Alliance. Is that one worth picking up for under $20 used at gamestop?

TongkatAli1506d ago

Save your money and get Danganronpa. It will mind blow you.

HentaiMasterRace1506d ago

Under $20, sure. But maybe try Gravity Rush as well.

MSBAUSTX1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Seems to be a lack of action RPG titles on the Vita. Seems it would be perfect for some good Baldurs Gate or a portable Might and Magic and or a new Untold Legends type game. I love the games I am playing and I have a huge backlog so far but I am looking for some kind of dungeon crawler other than PSP or PS1 titles. But there is a huge list of PSP games I want to play too. I have to get a bigger memory card before I can start downloading a bunch of games.

akiraburn1505d ago

Hey there, I've played a decent amount of Dungeon Hunter: Alliance on PS3, and I have a bit of input on the game. Originally, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance was a PS3 PSN title priced at about $13, or somewhere thereabout. At that price and given the content, it was very worthwhile and overall the game was pretty fun if you like top-down dungeon crawlers. Imagine a scaled down version of Diablo. The PS3 version has local and online co-op, smooth framerate, and generally is a good gameplay experience.

With the Vita version, they were/are charging more than twice what it costs on PS3 (priced at $30 retail), and some things were cut-back. Now, just to preface this, I haven't had any real time playing the Vita version, but I have done a lot of reading up on it and watched some of the gameplay videos prior to release.

So obviously, it isn't possible to have local co-op on a Vita game like this, but online co-op was still there. However, from what I was reading, it was sounding like people were having a number of connection problems with their friends. The visuals and framerate seemed to take a bit of a hit as well. Despite this, I had read that there is more stuff overall in the Vita version than there is in the PS3 release, but I'm not sure exactly what is new. With all of that in mind, I just don't know if it is worth it based on the drawbacks and price. It might be more worthwhile to just remote stream Diablo 3 from a PS3 or PS4 if that is an option.

Now, if you're looking for good action RPG titles on the Vita, there are a few I'd recommend. Top of the list would be Y's: Memories of Celceta. You don't need to have any experience with the prior Y's games to enjoy it, and it's a solid, long, thoroughly enjoyable game. You can get at least two full play-throughs out of it if you want to collect everything. And it's a full-on action RPG with everything you'd expect and hope for. Character equipment, leveling system, skills that level up based on use, etc.

There's also quite a number of the optional co-op "Monster Hunter" style RPGs on Vita, like Soul Sacrifice (and the newer Delta version), Ragnarok Odyssey/Ace, Toukiden, and coming up there's Freedom Wars and a few others.

Those that I've named are just the Vita exclusive titles that are action RPGs. There are a handful of others, like Dragon's Crown and Akiba's Trip, which you might also be interested in but were also released on PS3/PS4 as well. And there's a few more upcoming action-RPGs exclusive to the Vita, like Tales of Hearts R and Sword Art Online. I hope this has been helpful.

MSBAUSTX1505d ago

Extremely helpful man! Exactly what I was looking for. I dont mind platformers, but I bought a vita to get have something different to play than my 3DS. Love my 3DS but I want some different stuff every now and then and action RPGs is what the 3DS lacks. Thanks for the list. I will definitely try some of these out. I really appreciate it. Bubbles man.

akiraburn1504d ago

Awesome! Glad I could be of some help. And I definitely know what you mean. Both handhelds have a great lineup of varied games. Some of them are really unique and make both of the systems worth owning. Even though the Vita doesn't have a huge lineup of games, I'd say that so far most of the offerings tend to be pretty good (with a few exceptions like the Call of Duty title).

My personal favorites on the Vita so far have been Persona 4: Golden, Y's: Memories of Celceta, Gravity Rush, and Soul Sacrifice. Each of those experiences has been refreshing, surprising, and some of the most fun I've had gaming in quite a while. I'm looking forward to starting Killzone: Mercenary soon. I know I'm late to the party with that one, but my backlog on stuff has been overwhelming.

I tend to do a decent amount of gaming, have done a bit of work around the industry and trying to break into it as sound designer, and now working on my own game a bit. As result of these things I end up owning and playing through a lot of games as well. It's probably no surprise, but with RPGs as a whole, be they western or eastern, action or turn based, online or offline, generally they tend to be my favorite genre of games. But I'll play almost anything and give it a fair try.

Anyway, if you want to add me on PSN, feel free. PSN ID is the same as my username here. I also have Freedom Wars pre-ordered and will likely be doing the same with Tales of Hearts R. I actually don't tend to pre-order many games, but both of those games look great and very worth supporting. It's just a shame that Gamestop locked in exclusivity for the physical release of Tales. Seems like a strange move to make, but that's just me.

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