Xbox revealing the brand new Xbox Live Rewards today

Xbox is set to reveal the brand new version of the Xbox Live Rewards Program today adding new features like earning 1000 reward points by playing free games for gold games etc

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RadioActiveTwinky1532d ago

Hopefully they bring back the monthly survey again. Those were a guarantee money maker. I didn't like the ones where you had to buy stuff to get 5 cents back.

CerealKiller1532d ago

I checked it out and the survey is there. However it is not clear how much the points are actually worth in $.

CerealKiller1532d ago

When they first introduced the program it was supposed to reward you for playing games and earning achievements. Now it is all about how much money you spend on digital stuff.

Xb1ps41532d ago

Is ms bringing this back? I remember signing up way back in the original xbox days, but didn't it get canceled? Sois ms bringing this back? The digital thing sounds good I have dl'd all my games I would hope I get rewarded for that!

I have not heard anything about this since xbox till now.

CerealKiller1532d ago

That was a different program I think your talking about the one where they sent you a card and you were supposed to receive discounts at stores and online but it never really worked out. This is a different program that they started like a year or 2 ago where originally you earned points for achievements and the amount of time you played games and the points would add up and be converted into Microsoft points. They changed how it worked a few times and now basically you get small rebates if for example you buy 5 digital games or 5 movies in a month. You also can get a small amount for taking the monthly survey. Points are converted into currency at a much lower rate than they used to. Basically all they did was change the look of the site but its the same thing.

Xb1ps41532d ago

Ooh.. I didn't even know about that, thanks for the info. Seems lame though I buy a lot of digital games but 5 in one month?!

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qwerty6761532d ago

hmm interested to see what it is.

rxl2091532d ago

by far the WORST reward program in gaming

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NeoGamer2321531d ago

How is this so bad?

I am a gamer Gold member with GS > 75,000...

That gives me 10% on every digital purchase.

I also buy my MS Gift Cards at Costco ($47 paid for $50 cards) so that is 6% off.

I save 16% on every digital purchase I make now!

Couple that with my EA Access 10% and every EA game is 26% off...

Plus if I buy 3 new games by the end of November at regular price they will give me 25,000 reward points.... Giving me another $26.50 back on $180 spent...

I don't see how this is so bad.

mantis_toboggan_phd1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Off topic you can download minecrafr x1 version thru smart glass right now

Eonjay1532d ago

Yes, Minecraft is live on Xbox One.

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