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nX1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Why are Live Action trailers always so cheesy?
It must feel so weird taking part in one of these.

Still looking forward to the game though, just not a fan of this stuff.

Noahmtodd1531d ago

They can be odd sometimes for sure.

FamilyGuy1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Wth, I really liked this trailer. Made it seem like a tv show. It was meant to be funny to a degree too, like a sitcom, they even had the Hunter dust his arms then do a cocky collar pop using his hoody.

I saw nothing wrong with it. Great trailer had me smiling the whole time.

Maybe it's more catered to american tv/sitcom watchers?


Agreed, can't help but get a good feeling watching it, making Tuesday all the more anticipated. ;)

Rhezin1531d ago

I thought the trailer was really good. wtf is your problem?

starchild1531d ago

He's a negative nancy about almost everything.

1531d ago
user95970821531d ago

Not all of them are. Bungie's got a reputation for amazing live action trailers like "We Are ODST" and "Deliver Hope" for Halo Reach which are both completely lacking in the nonsensical factor.

This one just merges Bungie's Halo style trailers with Activision's CoD style trailers.
I think it's a winning combination: not too serious but not too hoakie.

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leemo191531d ago

Enjoy the trailer, only a couple more days left now can't wait.

Noahmtodd1531d ago

September 9th with be a great day.

VaporCell1531d ago

The day you return to school will be a great day.

Trenta271531d ago

I can always count on Bungie to make a kick ass live action trailer.

joab7771531d ago

The year of Destiny begins very soon.

yankolo1531d ago

Nice trailer...very diferent when u play the real game

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The story is too old to be commented.