Don’t Be a Gamer, Be More

Austin B. Conway at The Koalition writes: Here, at the beginning, something needs to be confessed; I never really cared for the term “Gamer.” Honestly, it never fit well with me and the more I thought about it the more asinine I found its use. Film fans don’t call themselves “Movie-ers” and people who read a fair share of novels don’t refer to themselves as “Bookers” either.

Of course, I do not want to portray myself as someone who needs to distance themselves from the medium. Someone who loves “video games” aren’t necessarily a social pariah; hell, Steven Spielberg loves games and has been playing them since the 1970’s but he doesn’t go around declaring himself a “Gamer.” I love the interactive medium, I always have and I always will.

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Godmars2901557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Call yourself whatever you want, but if the situation arises, I will call you a "gamer".

When you attempt correct me, wasting both of our time in doing so, then I will think of you as "hipster douche" as I walk away from you without saying anything else.

levian1556d ago

I just play games I enjoy, I don't see why people keep trying to label me and the rest of us. Nor do I care what they decide to call me/us. I'll just keep playing the games I like while the next big controversy blows over

Godmars2901556d ago

The problem is letting the SJW have their name change means giving them more influence in the industry when right now its only a small circle of indies devs.

And we're talking about a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals who want actually remove "fun" from video games.

MrKennedy1557d ago

This is a good article about not being a gamer but being more.

Mr Pumblechook1557d ago

Star Trek enthusiasts felt that the term Trekkies had too many negative connotations of being nerdy, so they swapped it for the new term - Trekkers! You can swap a label with another label, but it makes no difference because the thing that's being described is the same.

Romudeth1557d ago

This is a great article although I completely disagree with it.

Like I said in my editorial, being a gamer is a beautiful thing. Many people's lives have been enriched and made better because of video games. My life certainly has. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing that as a badge of pride.

Are there gamers that make us look bad? Of course. This is how society is. However, we shouldn't let the few speak for the majority. Gamers belong to one of the best communities out there. A community that celebrates creativity and that embraces people from all walks of life.

I'll always be proud to call myself a gamer.

mixelon1557d ago

I love this attitude. :) (even if I personally am neither here nor there on the labelling issue.. It's not something I overly identify as - but I appreciate that a lot of people do - and good for them!)

Especially complimenting an article you don't agree with. Holy crap that's rare here.

An attitude like your post is how you win hearts and minds. Not through hating "the other" or the "oppressor" (?) but through succinct and confident appreciation of ourselves and our peers.

Basically (to others) you can't sling shit into making yourself look good. A more positive approach like yours is legitimising and is really damned refreshing to read.

+bubbles & respect.

yewles11557d ago

I am a gamer, and if you try to pejorate me for what I call myself, then that makes YOU the bigot.

Profexxion1557d ago

Hell yes. This right here.

Rimgal1557d ago

"Film fans don’t call themselves “Movie-ers” and people who read a fair share of novels don’t refer to themselves as “Bookers” either."

Someone is a fan of Extra Credits.

SpiralTear1557d ago

Extra Credits are also the ones who wanted to rename "games" to "interactive experiences" which is a terrible effort to make the entire gamer culture into something politically correct.

"Gamers" shouldn't be renamed; we should just grow to be more inclusive of what the culture is and share the name with anyone who likes games, not just certain sects.

mixelon1557d ago

I think I'm with you there. Lets just do what we can to elevate the term so that nobody will feel embarrassed or scared to use the label themselves.

It's more about taking the term back from the people who fit the negative stereotypes, and away from the publishers and ad companies who helped paint the label into that corner in the first place. They need to show more maturity and respect and so do we - as a group.

Rimgal1556d ago

I'm not saying that it should be changed or not. I'm just saying that line was taken from that video. Or it is just an huge coincidence.

Tiqila1557d ago

Its not like the typical Gamer goes out and tells everyone "I'm a gamer, I'm better than you!". The video mentioned many good points that apply to any community, for example to treat others with respect... that isn't a new concept, however, and though there are some black sheep amongst us gamers, that again is true for any community.

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