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John Wyma, GIZORAMA - "Because of the sandy, dry nature of this article, let me start you off with a cold splash of honesty: Your opinion really only matters in very few settings. Now before you turn to your cat (wow, how presumptuous of me) for a hug and some validation, let me remind you that one of those settings is the realm of early-access games. That’s right, Indie developers open the doors to games-in-progress, lusting for your constructive feedback and bug reporting in the hopes of releasing a final product made of pure, user approved gold. This type of community involvement is a big deal, and many games depend on tester advice. Our opinion isn’t always heeded, but when it is, the collective input ultimately contributes to the fine tuning of the overall product.

Games in early-access aren’t expected to be perfect, and that’s the whole point. What you can expect is something in the Beta/Post-Beta phase that’s still a little rough and needs a bit of smoothing. What you DON’T expect is some half-baked, Alpha phase attempt at what could otherwise prove to be a decent game if more time was spent at the drawing board instead of the coffers (early-access games are far from free). Stillalive Studios’ new action/adventure multiplayer piece, Son of Nor unfortunately falls into the latter category, with fresh and exciting gameplay ideas being no more than just that, ideas."

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