Japan’s Health Ministry Fears Summer Lesson Will Destroy Population, Begs Sony Not to "Release"

The Japanese Health Ministry has warned for years of the imminent threat against Japan’s declining population. With women refusing to get married and men who are content dying alone, Summer Lesson appears to solidify both positions. Women will refuse to marry a man who plays Summer Lesson and men will not care because they have Summer Lesson. “There is no turning back if this game is released,” explained population scientist Akita Osamu, “Japan’s population is already under attack and Summer Lesson will be the finishing blow. (Satire)

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Mikelarry2572d ago

forget the article i just "came" in for the picture :)


Read it its funny as hell.

chikane2571d ago

the game that will push the PS4 to new heights. Bring it on Sony i got my Lotion ready... Wait what .. i didn't main that last part

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I'm ready to have a great conversation with her.

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