The Curious Treatment of Religion in Video Games

Video games have treated religion quite differently over the years.

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WeAreLegion1509d ago

Created religions in games, movies, or books are plot devices. So, naturally, they are going to be corrupt or misguided. Why create a good religion? For filler details about the characters? No. Something has to be off about the religion in order to make it interesting.

SilentNegotiator1509d ago

I was going to say the force, but that has the dark side, so...

rextraordinaire1509d ago

I find it quite similar to the major religions of the real world. All are flawed yet needed by some.

After all, stories are made of history, and religion is part of it.

That's for the great Churches anyway. I have yet to meet a god, so I can't compare that aspect.

Redrum0591509d ago

Does anyone remember the cult religion in Resident Evil 4? A group of initiated members has taken over a people of some region through mental hypnosis using some parasite. The Cult members along with the local people are infected with the parasite which is controlled solely through the mind of the Cult leader. The Cult leader calls his Cult "Los Illuminados" (the illuminati) and his one and only objective is to have the entire planet hypnotized under the will of his mind through the spreading infection of the parasite.


Well I guess I will be getting tons of disagrees here but here I go.
Most if not all religions in video games and movies share common myths, practices, and beliefs which can be traced/rooted to freemasonry and other real world higher societies. Which can then be traced and rooted to much earlier and ancient beliefs such as the Babylonians, Samaritans, Egyptians, and down to even the mystery teachings of the preflood civilization.

Oh and every time the media displays "Christianity" , it never displays actual biblical Christ following Christianity, but only the false corrupt Christianity which shares the beliefs and practices of the pagan religions such as those of Babylon ,Egypt, and preflood mystery teachings, which the bible calls out and condemns by the word of GOD.
Just my 2 cents

UnwanteDreamz1509d ago

I've never seen "Christ following" christianity whats that look like.

1509d ago
GreenRanger1509d ago

Rule #1 Love God.

Rule #2 Love your neighbor as yourself.

That's all you need to do in life.

You don't need to be part of any hypocritical bigot-infested church, or to chase people around telling them how evil they are.

Joy and peace to ALL who read this.

Redrum0591509d ago

Jesus Christ gave those 2 commandments and said that within those 2, hold the entirety of the 10 commandments. GOD is love, and so we must use love for GOD and love for our neighbor (even if they hate us) to be our fuel when doing good deeds around the world.

So to your comment I say
Amen, and Amen

wannabe gamer1509d ago

The purist of religions are only as pure as the men that interpret them.

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